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Student spotlight | Rachel Attricki, BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing


Rachel Attrick on placement

My name is Rachel Sophia Delali Attricki, an international student who is currently studying BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing at Leeds Beckett University. I am a BAME course rep for the Adult Nursing September 2020 cohort. I was born in Greater Accra, Ghana, and I read an abridged MBA. I love fitness and physical studies and took a certificate course in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard University.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you to Adult Nursing

I developed an interest in nursing at quite an early stage of my life. During my formative years, the dream was very much alive. I read science at senior high school, majoring in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology and I was looking forward to furthering my studies in nursing. My life and aspirations then seemed to come to a standstill due to unforeseen circumstances. At this point I thought my world had collapsed on me. Determined to make juice from the lemons thrown at me, I engaged in administrative and computing studies, and I found a job in office administration.

Nature has its own way of attending to people’s genuine dreams. My dad got a job opportunity in Qatar, and I had the opportunity to join him. Whilst in Qatar I met a mentor who is a Chemical Pathologist and I kept telling him about my childhood desire to become a nurse. He advised me to revive my dreams and work towards it. As he explained the various nursing options to me, I developed a strong love for adult nursing.

Why did you choose Leeds Beckett?

I did a bit of research and applied to some universities. I had several offers, and I must admit that by word of mouth and an in-depth fact-finding, I spoke to my godfather and with his help and guidance, I decided on Leeds Beckett University as my best option. This decision is one of many huge decisions in my life that I’m glad I made. Leeds Beckett has been able to continuously produce great qualified nurses in Leeds and the rest of England. A high number of Beckett graduates easily find well-paying jobs and receive offers a few months after graduating and Leeds Beckett has an amazing reputation for teaching.

Whenever someone ask me why Leeds Beckett University? My answer is ‘Why not Leeds Beckett University?’. My lifelong dream remained unchanged and my passion to positively touch the lives of everyone I can reach out too is unparalleled. Leeds Beckett has given me another chance in life to fulfil my lifelong dream of being a nurse. 

What has been your favourite thing about your time studying at Leeds Beckett?

The best part for me being a student nurse at Leeds Beckett University is the hospital placements. Prior to this, I had no clue what placements entailed. It has been my favourite part of my course and the joy of being able to offer real life support during this pandemic has been amazing. Being a frontline worker even as a student nurse, has been a dream come true for me. A lifetime experience I will hold dear to my heart and tell some years to come. The support from the school during these tough times has been awesome.

What advice would you give someone thinking about studying this course?

Covid-19 has really disrupted so much but Leeds Beckett has consistently offered and is still offering the best educational environment and opportunities for its students. Leeds Beckett has a wide range of inclusive strategies which helps tackle and assist its students in achieving their aims. The accommodation halls are amazing with great facilities. I would recommend halls for anyone considering studying here and isn’t sure where to live during their period of study. The school’s Welcome Team offers amazing help to international students.

Why Leeds Beckett University? The school offers inspiring career paths, state of the art facilities and so many placement opportunities. 

What will your story be?

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