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Putting purpose at the centre of student placements with MoreLifeUK

Leeds Beckett University and MoreLifeUK have a strong and evolving partnership that has developed over the last 20 years. Pam Finley, Dietetic Lead at MoreLifeUK, discuses the partnership and its impact on students.

Recently we have been working together to enhance our partnership through supporting Leeds Beckett students with work placements across the MoreLifeUK business.

The value that students can bring to businesses is often overlooked. Fresh concepts, open-mindedness, passion and enthusiasm are common attributes seen within students. Interestingly, these attributes are many of the key competencies that employers look for in their staff. MoreLifeUK offers opportunities for students to develop these skills in conjunction with exposure to working within relevant areas of their studies.

We offer purposeful placements that are ultimately aimed at supporting the growth of both students and the business.

What we want students to gain from their placements:

Exposure –Real life working environments, working in a commercial setting, team and collaborative working, guidance from renowned experts, working in new ways - especially digitally.

Experience – Practical application of knowledge across multiple areas including content creation, first-hand client interactions, presentation of work to peers and colleagues, collaborating with clients to understand and support their unique needs.

Employability – Relevant exposure and experience will significantly enhance a person’s employability. We believe that students who have completed a placement at MoreLifeUK will stand out from the crowd and optimise their chances of being successful in their job applications. MoreLifeUK is excited to offer further employment opportunities as we continue to grow and expand.

Giving students a platform to practice and improve their skills benefits everyone. We all grow, we all learn, and this continued improvement is fundamental to the success of any career or business.