Tips for a SUSTAINABLE Christmas

With Christmas coming very soon, you will soon be extremely busy. From thinking what gifts to get, for whom,to looking for the best deals, to buying and wrapping presents, setting up the Christmas tree, and lots of Christmas celebrations with friends and family.
Green Santa

It is hard to remain eco-friendly in this time of the year but the good news is that you can minimise the environmental impact of Christmas with these easy tips:-

1. Carshare or use public transport for going shopping.

Let the train take the strain or make a trip social by filling a car with friends when you go shopping. Carsharing and using public transport will alleviate local traffic and air pollution.

2. Avoid wasting food.

Christmas is synonymous with food (obviously)! Every year tonnes of food waste is generated from UK households. This is due to the inability of households to consume all the food they cooked or bought.! So, plan portion sizes and take a look at this tasty Christmas leftover recipe: Bubble and Squeek!

3. Switch off Christmas lights before sleeping.

As unpopular as this may seem, the simple action of switching off lights from your Christmas tree or conservatory will not only lighten your electricity bill but also lighten your carbon footprint. It is a simple but effective way to be eco-friendly.

4. Send e-cards.

Increase your social impact as well as your environmental impact this year by sending charity e-cards. Some charities offer to send e-cards for a small cost and the money goes to a good cause. Macmillan and Marie Curie for instance offer these options.

5. Recycle.

Waste at Christmas is inevitable, so using your recycling bin is a given. Even better, up-cycle and get creative with old comics, ribbon and brown paper for wrapping paper! Here are some nifty ideas that reduce the environmental impact of wrapping paper but increase the WOWpact of your gift.

6. Be charitable.

We all get that gift that isn’t really us. This year don’t put it in a cupboard or loft! Donate it to your local charity shop or swap with friends over a pint or two. People who can’t afford new presents will probably love it! Better still go and buy a small gift for that homeless person you see on the way to work or uni, you’ll receive the best present of all. A warm glow.