Reuse through Warpit at Leeds Beckett benefits local Leeds church

Published on 04 Jun 2018
Chairs and tables given to church

In this post from 2018 we talk about our former reuse platform Warpit

Since we have revived warpit a few months ago, we have managed to save over £7000 in saving, avoided over a tonne of waste and 3000 kg of carbon dioxide saved. Our biggest claim so far has been an astronomic 17 tables and 30 chairs from George who works the mailroom. He claimed these for a church he regularly attends. This is a perfect example of how the three pillars of sustainability comes in: social, economical, and environmental. 

'I saw Warpit on classified and did not hesitate to join since I have always believe one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Fortunately, I saw seventeen tables and thirty  and chairs advertised which I applied for the Church (Ark Mission church) I visit occasionally that is in need of them and as God will have it, I got them. Afterwards, I contacted the Pastor to come with Van to get them. I could not be there as I was at work but was in touch with them as they were getting the tables and chairs. Brian (the person in charge of warpit at our university) was very friendly and helpful at the site of the collection, which is DT building Headingley Campus.

The tables and chairs are to be used in the Church community room for refreshment and help the shortage seat when needed.

Warpit idea in my opinion is very good as it is not only helping the needy but also save the environment as well as cost of disposal.'

Quote from George Darkoh, 
Mailroom assistant,

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