Tips for Sustainable Holidays

Ah summer! Skies are blue. Wildflowers everywhere you look. Trips to the beach. Barbecues. Late nights. You name it!  But for many summer equals to holidays. With alarming signs of plastics in the ocean, tourism damaging cultures and travellers producing litter, we should be more conscious of our environmental impact. But don't panic, these simple tips will help you make your holidays more sustainable. 
Picture of cliffs and a beach

#1 Stop! Reuse that bottle!

It's very important to drink as much water as your body needs. But, in 2016, more than 480 billion bottles of water were sold around the world. After the eye-opening documentary Blue Planet II, which notably highlighted the issue of plastic waste in the ocean, it would be sensible to refrain from buying water in plastic bottles. If you are travelling to the continent, you can normally drink tap water in every country (except Ukraine) If you are travelling further afield, check with a local if you can do so as well. Buying a reusable water bottle will allow you to drink and carry tap water for a long period of time. Please remember not to waste that life-giving liquid in summer; its consumption increases while the level of rainfall decreases.

#2 Travel smart.

It's fun to be spontaneous on a trip but the reality is that planning your trip will reduce your carbon footprint (and possibly time too). Get to know the surroundings (for example markets, bus stops, restaurants, etc...) of the place you are travelling to. Moovit is a widely trusted app which helps millions of users to find their way on buses, trams, trains and cable car. Travel information is available for more than 2200 cities in 80 countries in the world. 

One of the fun activities of summer holidays is to cycle. Several cities around the UK, Europe and beyond have a relatively flat terrain which makes cycling easy and pleasant. Many places across the world have local bicycle rental businesses that will hire you a bike for a day or more. Cycling has the added benefit of burning calories so you stay looking good on holiday too!

Carpooling is getting more and more popular. Website such as Liftshare will show drivers who are travelling between two places. You would normally pay towards fuel costs but that would usually be cheaper than getting public transport. Carpooling is a great way, not only to save money but also reduce single-car use. 

For your back and arms, try to travel as light as possible. Not only is it good for you but it's also good for the car, coach or plane you are travelling on as it will require less fuel or travel further with the same amount of fuel. Probably the best packing technique, roll your clothes to make the most of your suitcase space. 

#3 Eat sustainably.

Whether you cook yourself or eat out, try your best to reduce food waste. In the UK alone, over 7 million tonnes of food are thrown into the bin every year. To take it even further, you can be more sustainable by eating food that is in season. This reduces food miles and seasonal food is usually local. 

Travel restrictions due to lack of veggie options in many countries is now a thing of the past! Happy Cow is a pretty good website to find veggie and vegan restaurants and snack places around the world. Click here if you want to know the positive impact of vegetarianism and veganism for the environment. 

#4 Other things to consider.

a) Apply sunscreen. Remember to stay healthy under the sun. Here are some ethical sunscreens you can get

b) Skip the dryer and hang your clothes to dry outside. 

c) Open the curtains and let natural light in.

d) Pick up your rubbish! Wherever you go please do not leave litter behind. Recycle as much as possible.  

e) Most importantly, relax, de-stress and enjoy yourself. Healthy minds lead to healthy bodies.