In 2018 Leeds By Example, a city wide campaign began, trialing  new ways we could make recycling consistent and easy. On our city campus,  two recycle reward machines were installed to give 5p off your next purchase at the Rose Bowl cafe, by  recycling plastic bottles, cans and coffee cups. Many of our staff and students  used the machines!


Keep hold of your plastic, cans and coffee cups and make sure they're empty. Leftover food and liquid could make a whole batch go to waste.

Find a yellow recycling bin.  There are over 30 in Leeds City Centre, you’re never more than 5 minutes away! Empty coffee cups can be recycled in any Costa, McDonalds, Pret, Caffè Nero and Starbucks.
Follow the signs and only recycle items they ask for. If in doubt, leave it out. 

Download the We-Recycle App

You can recycle on the go easily with the new We Recycle app. Simply scan your packaging's barcodes and find out where it can be recycled or where your nearest bin in Leeds is. 


Visit the burping and bubble blowing recycling bin in the city too! Be sure to share all of your experiences with the hashtag, #LeedsByExample and tag us @BeckettSustain on twitter.

Find your nearest yellow recycling bin here: