There are many ways you can switch up your gift giving to reduce waste and spend less money at Christmas. Whether you make it yourself or purchase locally, there are many ways you can ethically purchase gifts over the Christmas period. 
Take a look at the hierarchy below and you can see that buying new should always be the last resort.  

Shopping Hierarchy

Sustainable Gift Ideas

Instead of wasting a box and plastic with a regular present, why not gift an experience. These often require a simple print out from an email. There are so many options for this, for example, a meal out, gig tickets, a massage or a class. The recipient will see that the idea is more meaningful and they can make new memories. 
There are so many ethical gift websites about; and you can often find local businesses, especially on Etsy. These sites have great sustainable alternatives to a traditional gift. Check out these sites for ideas: Green Tulip and  The Wise House.
Help someone get started on their sustainable journey. Gift them a new water bottle from Chillys Bottles or a portable cutlery set from Joseph Joseph

Top Tips

  • Reuse packaging. Stores often use tissue paper at this time of year; reuse it in the gift, don't throw it away. 
  • Avoid gifts with excessive plastic packaging. Don't add to this either with ribbons and stickers.
  • Use recyclable wrapping paper. If you can scrunch it then its most likely ok to recycle. Don't choose wrapping paper covered in glitter either.