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Tariq Laban

Tariq's Story

Tariq Laban studied MSc Leadership and Change Management at the Leeds Business School. After graduating in 2016, he returned to Libya to continue his career. Tariq is now employed as the Utilities Division Head at Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing Company (Rasco), a subsidiary of the state-owned National Oil Corporation of Libya. He credits his degree from Leeds Beckett University with giving him the confidence to succeed in his career.  

My Leeds Beckett degree helped me gain knowledge, skills and experience which has helped me in my career and my life in general. After earning my degree I was able to move into a managerial position within my company, and I was exposed to a wider professional network. 

How has your Leeds Beckett degree helped you get to where you are today? 

When I earned my degree, I accomplished a big step – I gained knowledge, skills and experience that helped me in my career and in my life in general. After earning this degree I was able to move into different managerial positions within my company, and despite the differences in the areas I managed, I was able to adapt to the changes and succeed in leading people at work to achieve our company goals. By taking on more responsibilities, I was exposed to a wider professional network which helped to give me more experience.

What do you love about what you do? 

Every day is a new challenge! At work I try to solve problems daily, which is more interesting than routine work. The joy I have in supervising the teams fixing the equipment is like solving a puzzle. The variety of tasks within such a big plant helps me learn something new every day, and I can share my experience and knowledge with my colleagues and the teams I supervise. My job is not just an ordinary job; we feel that we’re all working towards a shared cause.  

What are your future career plans? How will your Leeds Beckett degree help you achieve them?  

I would like to move forward and get higher positions. I believe that my skills and experience which I’ve gained academically and at work will enhance my opportunities to achieve my goals.