Buddy Network for new international colleagues

Leeds Beckett is committed to be a globally engaged university. Our international buddy network has been set up to support people joining the university from overseas.

This network aims to make the transition to working in the UK easier by giving you the opportunity to contact a Leeds Beckett colleague who has experienced it themselves and is able to support based on their own real-life experiences.

What do i do next?

If you feel that this could be of benefit to you, please have a read through the profiles below and decide who you would like to get in touch with. Please contact buddies directly (using the contact details below) to introduce yourself. Buddies are happy to be contacted in advance of you arriving in the UK and can help with a range of practical questions that you may have.

Francesco Addesa

Italy | Senior Lecturer, School of Sport, Headingley Campus

"Living and working abroad is at the same time challenging, as it is not always easy to adapt to different cultural aspects, and fascinating, as it helps you open your mind and see things in different perspective. This certainly makes you more complete both as a worker and as a person."

Portrait photo of LBU colleague Greta Stout

Lithuania | Insurance Administrative Officer, Financial Services, City Campus

"Having lived abroad in several countries over the years, I am aware of some of the challenges that can be faced, and I feel highly fortunate that I have adjusted well to life in the UK and have now made it my home. I’d be very happy to assist any new or prospective colleagues with any advice or support I can offer."

Abdullah Faruq

Dhaka-Bangladesh | Senior Lecturer, School of Sport, Headingley Campus

"I have been a resident in UK since 2010 with my wife and my 11 year old son. I have significant experience in housing (rent & purchase), education for children and insurance schemes (content, health & life). I am happy to share my experience with you such that you get settle with ease in LBU and UK , please feel free to contact me."

Mariana Kaiseler

Portugal | Senior Lecturer, School of Sport, Headingley Campus

"There are always adjustments needed when leaving and working in another country. For me, these were mainly related with academic culture, teaching practices and wider personal life implications. I really enjoy working and living abroad and embrace the personal and professional challenges faced as opportunities for growth and development."

Martina Topic

Senior Lecturer, Leeds Business School, City Campus

"I returned to the UK to work in 2014, having been a City University of London student in 2006/07. The British system of HE will drive you mad at first, but then you will learn to love it! I came a long way from getting offended by colleague’s disagreement on my marks to being an external examiner, course leader, etc"

Renan Petersen-Wagner

Brazil/Germany | Senior Lecturer, School of Sport, Headingley Campus

"My dream was to go abroad for my PhD studies. In 2010 I moved to England, first staying in Durham whilst doing my PhD, and then moving to Coventry for my first full-time lectureship position (Tier 2 visa route). In 2016, I moved to beautiful Yorkshire to take my current role as a Senior Lecturer in Sport Business and Marketing."

Anne Schiffer

Germany | Senior Lecturer, Leeds School of Arts, City Campus

"I moved to the UK in 2003 for a one year course, needless to say, I stayed a little longer. I’ve lived in Leeds for most of that time, I also spent two semesters in Japan, worked in Edinburgh and did my PhD in Belfast. I travel for conferences, field research and in my role as ‘global engagement’ champion for the school."

Ali Sajjadi

Iran | Course Director, Leeds Business School, City Campus

"I joined Leeds Beckett in 2009 as a part-time lecturer. Three years later I became a full-time member of staff. I started with a Tier 2 visa, after five years I got Indefinite Leave and one year later I got my British passport. I am more than happy to help new international colleagues who are going through the same journey."

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