LBU student Ada Okoye LBU student Ada Okoye talks about why she chose nursing

Zoe Lambert is a Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing with over 20 years’ experience in nursing. She has worked in head and neck surgery, oncology, critical care and general and neurological ICU. She says it’s great seeing how enthusiastic her students are: “I find it incredibly rewarding teaching nurses of the future, it’s fun. They come to the programme with a lot of energy, a lot of ideas and it’s nice to see enthusiasm for healthcare. It’s a really great job. It’s nice to work with people who have got an enthusiasm for the job as well.”

She believes nurses are a vital part of all our lives:

LBU Senior Lecturer Zoe Lambert LBU Senior Lecturer Zoe Lambert talks about the importance of nursing

Rachel Attricki is a second year Adult Nursing student from Qatar. Her first placement was in a covid ward which she says was rewarding:

LBU student Rachel Attricki LBU student Rachel Attricki talks about her first placement

As well as teaching nursing at Leeds Beckett, Zoe studied at the university too: “I think it’s a great place to study nursing, I did my training here. We’ve got great facilities. We’ve got the new Clinical Skills Suite being built. You’ve got a great team of lecturing staff, of academic staff – we’ve got expertise from a lot of areas from critical care to community care, school nursing – so there’s a lot of expertise within the team.

“We’re really fortunate in Leeds that we work with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust and the Leeds and York Partnership for Mental Health Services, and within those trusts you’ve got lots of different specialist areas and lots of expertise. At LGI you’ve got the trauma unit, the neurological specialist unit, cardiological specialist services - so as a student on placement in Leeds you’re exposed to an amazing array of specialities and the best in healthcare, so you’re working with the best consultants, the best nursing teams - so it’s a really great place to learn.”

Rachel has gained some amazing experience on her placements so far: “I’ve been on about eight placements in total. I’ve been to older adults with mental health, I’ve been to geriatric, I’ve been to head and neck surgery, I’ve been to colorectal and renal transplant – I’ve seen a transplant been done, I’ve been into elective orthopaedic surgery – I’ve seen a hip replacement. I’ve seen a lot.”

Ada has found the placements and the teaching they receive work well together: “They give me the opportunity to go into practice placements and see that the models being used at Leeds Beckett reflect the work that I see in my practice placements, for example, we study the anatomy and physiology of the body and when you go into practice placement you see most of these things in practice.”

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