Lilleshall Hall
Programme Support Mentor, Richie Paxton, taking part in the tree climbing activity
Programme Support Mentor, Steve Ramsey, taking part in the wheelchair basketball activity
An image showing Lilleshall Hall in the distance, with the grounds in the foreground
EPIC Restart Programme Support Mentor, Richie Paxton, taking part in a Tree Climbing activity.
EPIC Restart Programme Support Mentor, Steve Ramsey, taking part in a wheelchair basketball activity on a court.

Thirteen members and three mentors attended the first weekend course. Now, the members will work with their mentors to put into place an action plan and ensure that they use the skills they have learnt in their everyday lives.

Sharon said: “Our members have stopped gambling, but they are terrified of their addiction coming back. Some have been in a really dark place and recovery is a long journey. The course is all about giving them coping strategies and a practical support framework so that they can tackle unexpected challenges with confidence. The feedback so far has been fantastic.

One participant commented: “It was an amazing experience, one of the best weekends I have ever had. After the mindfulness walk on the morning, I have continued to spend at least 10 minutes in nature every morning since the weekend. It’s really encouraged me to have a better work life balance and to take time for myself more.”

Another participant said: “I feel like a different person since the weekend away and I loved every minute. Living in the present hasn’t always been easy but it definitely allowed me to handle situations better and look at them differently. I'm in the best place I've ever been and that’s down to that weekend allowing me time and helping me raise my awareness.”

Sharon added: “We are excited about the ongoing relationship between EPIC and Leeds Beckett – we would like to develop this into research projects and student collaborations. We are looking forward to running the courses again in June and July and plan to continue to run more in the future.

“What has really impressed us with the Carnegie Great Outdoors team is not only their expertise but their compassion and willingness to learn alongside our members – they are exceptional.”

If you are interested in joining the Foundation’s support programme, please visit the EPIC Restart website.