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Black History Month 2020


Throughout Black History Month we will celebrate the culture, history and achievements of black communities. It is an integral part of the university’s calendar of events and supports efforts to develop long-term cultural and institutional change, whilst celebrating the contribution of our staff, students and alumni.

(*Image of Dr Rollock - left, top row - copyright: Elliott Franks)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are key to our culture of care and at the core of how we work with all members of our community. 

We seek to develop further as a learning organisation and as the best possible place to work and study, to be a ‘Community of Great People’ and to ‘provide an excellent education and experience’ for all our colleagues and students.

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Students' Union

Find out more about the events LBU Students Union are hosting to celebrate Black History Month

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Lost, Taken, Murdered

Colleague work

Devastated by the tragic and brutal death of George Floyd, Dr Vivien Sabel (Senior Lecturer - Psychological Therapies & Mental Health) decided to explore her feelings and express them through the art of poetry.

Read more about this work.

Watch now This film comes with a **Trigger Warning **⚠️ it is an emotive production. Please ensure the volume is on whilst playing.

Transforming health inequality

Dr Maria Maynard’s research focuses on health inequalities. She talks about the factors that affect health and those groups that suffer poorer health because of those factors.

Read more about Dr Maria Maynard

Transforming health inequality | Dr Maria Maynard

Leeds Beckett Alumni

  1. Adama Bah
    MSc Responsible Tourism Management, 2012
    Honorary Doctor of the University, 2019

    “On this Black History Month, our vote is our voice. Our voice is our call for progressive change! We must value it and not take it for granted! Always vote for progress!”

  2. Kadeena Cox MBE
    Honorary Doctor of the University, 2017
    BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science 2013
    Paralympic double gold medallist

    “I celebrate Black History Month to showcase the work of my ancestors that fought for the equality we have today and to remind people that even though we are in 2020, we still have a long way to go. Therefore, we need to continue to highlight inequalities and fight for change.”

  3. Col Dame Kelly Holmes MBE
    Honorary Doctor of Sport Science, 2005

    “In this current climate it is important that we talk more about diversity and Inclusion, and what a great month to bring this subject to light.”

  4. Sharon Watson
    MA Performance Works, 2010
    Honorary Doctor of Arts 2019

    “We often forget the poignant voices of those who act to and speak their truth. Celebrating Black History in the month of October is one way to spotlight creative contributions from Black people whom have positively impacted British culture.”

    (Image: Brian Slater)

  5. Vianet Djenguet
    BA (Hons) Film & Moving Image Production, 2006

    “Education is key to life. It expands horizons, and brings opportunities you’d not imagined before. Coming from the heart of Africa, where indigenous tribes carry on their ancient traditions, remembering our ancestors and understanding our roots is a way of life.”

  6. Yona Knight-Wisdom
    BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science, 2016

    “With everything that has happened in 2020, I urge you to use this Black History Month to become more educated on the issues of inequality and discrimination in our society, and to celebrate the Black Leaders, past and present who sacrificed so much for positive change.”

Adama Bah
Kadeena Cox
Dame Kelly Holmes
Sharon Watson
Vianet Djengut
Yona Knight-Wisdom

centre for race, education and decoloniality

The Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality (CRED) is challenging everyday racism and structural race inequalities in education through research, evidence-based practice and the professional development of pre-service and in-service teachers nationally and internationally.

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