Carnegie School Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead Community 

Carnegie School Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead Community 

Our vision is to develop a community that supports and empowers School based colleagues who are committed to strengthening mental health and wellbeing for their whole school communities.

Our community is free to join and open to all School Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads in Schools or colleagues in Schools who have strategic responsibility for Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools and Further Education Colleges. 

Our community welcomes national and international colleagues and will have individual network meetings for school leads based in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Why Join?

Community members will have the opportunity to meet and engage with peers and experts within the field of School Mental Health. 

Members will also have the opportunity to access the following:

  1. Access

    Facilitating greater access to resources including Podcasts, Webinars, Blogs, Roadshows and new downloadable research informed resources.
  2. Co-Creation  

    Working in collaboration with School Mental Health Leads and the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools to develop new projects and initiatives.
  3. Community and Conversation 

    Building a community of practitioners who through enquiry based themed monthly conversations facilitated to continually develop our thinking about leading Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools.

  4. Collaborate

    An opportunity to undertake school based research through appreciate enquiry groups.

  5. Develop

    Access to short CPD workshops.

  6. Empower

    Bi-monthly facilitated conversations focussing on leadership tools, models and strategies to support the strategic leadership of mental health and wellbeing.

  7. Peer to Peer

    Mentor system to support members to support each other.
  8. Read and Evaluate

    Professional reading events to read, review and evaluate books, think-pieces and case studies.

  9. Spotlight

    Celebrating high quality practice in Mental Health and Wellbeing.

  10. Pledge

    Make a goal pledge and receive ideas from community members to support you to reach your goal.

  11. Support

    Drop-in to our monthly Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead Lab to discuss anything Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools related. 

Advisory Board

Our advisory board offer support and guidance to further develop opportunities for School Mental Health Leads nationally and internationally.

John Brady
Viv Grant
Kerina Hansen 
Andy Mellor (Chair)
Patrick Ottley-O’Connor
Sue Roffey
Anna Russell
Natalie Williams
Kerina Hansen 


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