skeletal muscle health

Skeletal muscle mass, strength and function are fundamental for health and optimisation of performance in exercise and normal daily living activities. Conversely, compromised skeletal muscle health through disuse or muscle wasting conditions such as sarcopenia can reduce functional performance, promote metabolic dysfunction, and contribute to a poor quality of life. Led by Dr Theocharis Ispoglou, the Skeletal Muscle Health Research Group focuses on identifying exercise and nutrition interventions that are designed to promote skeletal muscle health across the lifespan. Dr Ispoglou’s key priority is to address sarcopenia in older adults and in clinical populations, through the combination of muscle loading and optimisation of dietary protein intake, which serve as the cornerstone for the management of this condition. Dr Ispoglou’s work is complemented by Dr Wilson’s work, which uses immunofluorescence microscopy to explore skeletal muscle metabolism at rest and during exercise. Dr Wilson is interested in the mechanisms by which diet, sedentary behaviour, obesity, and ageing may compromise skeletal muscle health, and the mechanisms by which exercise training can improve skeletal muscle health.

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