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Fred Oxby

Fred Oxby
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Head of History at Wales High School in Rotherham

About Fred Oxby

Fred is interested in exploring contemporary British identity and values within the history curriculum through the teaching of Imperial history, Black history, Gender history, LGBTQ+ history and Working-class history. Rather than explore these ideas in one-off units, Fred and his team are working towards integrating these histories into broader narratives and themes throughout all key stages. Fred firmly believes that by exposing students to a broad and diverse curriculum, spaces for conversation about identity, otherness and nationality can take place in an informed, productive, and compassionate manner.

Fred feels strongly that the way history has been taught in schools is problematic and must be challenged, critically evaluated, and re-shaped to become inclusive and proactively anti-racist. In order to achieve this, Fred and his department are currently working on a KS3 curriculum that will integrate British domestic history with Imperial history and World history to ensure that students gain a greater, more nuanced understanding of Britain’s role in the world, and how it has changed over time. Fred is also planning to reflect the impact of this curriculum by gathering feedback and input from students, parents, and staff.

After his degree in History at the University of Sheffield, Fred taught English as a foreign language in Italy. Upon returning to England, Fred worked as a history teacher before joining Wales High School in 2018. 

Cente for Race, Education and Decoloniality

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