Dr Adam Hardy, Research Fellow

Dr Adam Hardy

Research Fellow

Data scientist specialising in Energy and Sustainability data.

I initially started my academic career in astrophysics, but have since turned to more terrestrial studies. I now specialise in the analysis of energy data, particularly those from domestic buildings, and use these data to estimate the environmental impact of our houses.

The data I use can come from multiple sources. These sources include large open sets of data, such as from EPCs, and data from the smart-meters that many people have in their homes. I also perform fieldwork and use these data to estimate the whole house heat loss.

Research Interests

Current research is being conducted into more modern methods to estimate whole house heat loss. The standard way to assess how a building loses heat is with a "coheating" test, but these tests take >2 weeks to complete and require a property to be empty. If an alternative test can be devised which is faster and/or can be conducted when residents are at home, it would allow for many more houses to be assessed. The quick assessment of the heat loss of homes would then allow energy efficiency improvements to be made, leading to homes which are warmer, more sustainable and cheaper to heat.
Dr Adam Hardy, Research Fellow