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Dr Darren Wall

About Dr Darren Wall

Darren has been teaching since 2000, specialising in 3D Graphics and Digital Animation. He is currently researching into photo-realistic animated humans.

Since 2000 Darren has been involved with teaching across a variety of subjects all within the creative arts. He is an experienced practitioner, researcher and teacher of Video Production and Post Production, 3D Graphics, 3D Animation, Stop Motion Animation, Drawing, Concept Design, Digital Sculpting and Character Rigging. However his greatest creative passions remain in the digital 3D modelling and animation field.

Darren is an active blogger, posting examples of his latest research and development work. Darren's blogs have also made their way into his teaching, with him opting to deliver much of his teaching material online via Wordpress and YouTube.

His latest work is in the area of Photorealistic Humans, looking specifically at the theories of Masahiro Mori around the Uncanny Valley. Darren aims to create his own photorealistic, fully rigged and animateable head and shoulders setup. This will assist in answering some of his Doctoral research queries.

Current Teaching

  • BSc (Hons) Computer Animation and VFX course:
    • Applied Animation
    • 3D Graphics
    • Digital Sculpture
    • Character Rigging and Skinning
    • Production Project (Dissertation)
    • Production Project (Masterpiece Project)
  • BSc (Hons) Games Design course:
    • Character Animation

    Research Interests

    Darren is researching photorealistic representations of the human form. He is giving particular attention to the Uncanny Valley theory with a specific interest in animated head and facial features.

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