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Dr Neil Washbourne

About Dr Neil Washbourne

Neil Washbourne teaches and researches in media studies mostly on the BA (Hons) Media, Commuciation, Cultures and the MA Media and Culture. His work focusses on the critical study of comedy and celebrity, past and present. he teaches option modules in both as well as a level 4 module, BBC Radio: cultural talk, and public purposes.

He used to publish mostly in media and politics (and related areas such as media, journalism and public relations) including the book Mediating Politics: Newspapers, Radio, Television and the Internet. His focus has shifted towards critical research severally on the present and past of comedy, celebrity and cricket (and he is interested in their inter-relations). He is concerend with in developing theories and modes of analysis that do justice to the 'texts' of comic performance, celebrity existences and cricket fame as well as the 'contexts', past and present, within which such texts are engaged.This has led to such varied research as that on sexual and national difference in an inter-war radio and variety comedy double act (Tommy Handley and Ronald Frankau) ; Victorian cricket hero W.G.Grace both in C.L.RJames's book Beyond A Boundary and as the hero to Oscar Wilde's villain in 1895; and heteronormativity, violenvce and disgust in Adam Sandler's supposedly gay-friendly film comedies.

Current Teaching

Neil convenes and teaches:

  • Level 4: BBC Radio: Cultural Talk, Public Purposes
  • Level 5: Comedy, Media and Diversity
  • Level 6: Media Celebrity and Film Stardom
  • Level 7: Major Project

He also teaches seminar groups or sessions on:

  • Level 4: Interpreting New Media
  • Level 5: Researching Media and Culture
  • Level 7: The Art of Investigation

Research Interests

Neil researches in three main areas: comedy (past and present; live stand-up performance and film comedy); celebrity (theorising; past and present) and cricket (W.G.Grace and fame in cricket). He is on the editorial boards of both Celebrity Studies and Media Education Research Journal. A May 2019 conference paper given at the University of Kent and concerned with negative UK press responses to the rise of alternative comedy from the late 1970s on was reported on the Chortle comedy industry website.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (4)

  • Washbourne N (2019), W.G. Grace: Sporting Superstar, Cultural Celebrity, and Hero (to Oscar Wilde's Villain) of the Great Public Drama of 1895
  • Washbourne N (2018), Adam Sandler as (questionable) masculine 'role model': towards an analysis of disgust and violence in Adam Sandler's comedian comedy
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  • Washbourne N; Dicke W (2001), Dissolving Modern organisation Theory?: a narrative analysis of water management
  • Albrow M; Eade J; Durrschmidt J; Washbourne N (1994), The impact of globalization on sociological concepts: community, culture and milieu

Books (3)

  • Washbourne N (2010) Mediating Politics: Press, Radio, Television and Internet. McGraw-Hill International.
  • Sibley D (2007) Cultural Geography: A Critical Dictionary of Key Concepts. New Delhi: Rawat.
  • Atkinson D; Jackson P; Sibley D; Washbourne N ed. (2005) Cultural Geography: A Critical Dictionary of Key Concepts. London: I.B.Tauris.

Chapters (13)

  • (In press) Living the Global City. In: . : Routledge, pp. .
  • Washbourne N (2018) C.L.R.James, W.G.Grace, and the Representative Claim. In: Featherstone D; Gair C; Hogsbjerg C; Smith A Marxism, Colonialism, and Cricket C.L.R. James's Beyond a Boundary. Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, pp. 137-152.
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  • Washbourne N (2018) Sexual and National Difference in the high-speed, popular surrealism of Tommy Handley and Ronald Frankau's double acts, 1929-1936. In: Illott S; Davies H Comedy and the Politics of Representation: Mocking the Weak. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 149-165.
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  • Washbourne N (2013) Receiving the War of the Worlds «Panic» from Across the Atlantic: British Press and Public Responses in 1938 (and Since). In: Hayes J; Battles K; Hilton-Morrow W War of the Worlds to Social Media: Mediated Communication In Times of Crisis. New York: Peter Lang, pp. .
  • Washbourne N (2013) More Than Cleggmania? The Celebrity Politician, Presidentialisation and the UK 2010 Leadership Debates'. In: Ekstrom M; Tolson A Media Talk and Political Elections in Europe and America. London: Palgrave MacMillan, pp. .
  • Washbourne N (2013) Public Relations and Democracy. In: Tench R; Yeomans L Exploring Public Relations. London: Macmillan, pp. .
  • Washbourne N (2009) The media context of journalism and public relations. In: Tench R; Yeomans L Exploring Public Relations 2/E. London: Macmillan, pp. 66-85.
  • Washbourne N (2006) The Media Context of Journalism and Public Relations. In: Tench R; Yeomans L Exploring Public Relations (first edition). : Prentice Hall, pp. 62-77.
  • Washbourne N (2005) Globalisation and Globality. In: Cultural Geography: A Critical Dictionary of Key Concepts. London: I.B.Tauris, pp. 61-68.
  • Atkinson D; Jackson P; Sibley D; Washbourne N (2005) On Cultural and Critical Geographies. In: Atkinson D; Jackson P; Sibley D; Washbourne N Cultural Geography: A Critical Dictionary of Key Concepts. : I.B.Tauris, pp. .
  • Washbourne N (2001) Information Technology and new forms of organising? Translocalism and networks in Friends of the earth. In: Webster F Culture and Politics in the Inofrmation Age: A new politics?. London: Routledge, pp. .
  • Washbourne N; Albrow M (1997) Sociology for postmodern organisers - working the Net. In: Do Organizations have Feelings?. London: Routledge, pp. .
  • Albrow M; Eade J; Durrschmidt J; Washbourne N (1997) The impact of globalization on socioligcal conceps: community, culture and milieu. In: Eade J Living the Global City: Globalization as local process. London: Routledge, pp. .
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