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Kiran Voderhobli

Kiran Voderhobli
Contact Details

Course Director

School Of Built Environment, Engineering And Computing

0113 81 25152

About Kiran Voderhobli

Kiran is the Course Director for Computer Science and leads the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the discipline. His research interests are in Network Management and Sunstainable Computing.

As the Course Director, Kiran oversees the curriculum development, delivery and student experience on the Computer Science courses. He has constantly engaged in developing and leading these courses, with emphasis on enhancing the student experience. He has been working on broadening the STEM provision within the school, through Computer Science.

Kiran has been teaching Computer Science since 2011. Prior to joining academia, he used to work in the Software Industry, developing secure communication systems. His research interests are focussed on Network Management and Green/Sustainable ICT. Kiran's teaching interests are in Network/Communication technologies, Cloud computing and Smart Computing.

Current Teaching

Kiran teaches on M.Eng Computer Science and B.Sc. Computer Science. He teaches on the following modules:

  • Computer Communications
  • Network Management
  • Cloud Computing Development
  • Dissertation (support)
  • Smart Systems

Research Interests

Kiran's current research deals with methodologies to reduce power consumption/carbon foot-print of networking systems. As modern business computing relies heavily on cloud data centers, there is severe energy crisis and sustainability issues surrounding computing resources. A lot of attention has been given in the recent years to look at ways reduce the energy foot-print of data-centers. Kiran's research looks at studying the impact of virtualised resources on the cloud by gathering network traffic characteristics and their link to energy consumption. It is expected that the research will provide ideas on data-center optimisation with the goal of reducing energy overheads.

Selected Publications

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