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BSc (Hons) Music Technology, Year 2

Why i came to Leeds Beckett

I chose Leeds Beckett because of Headingley campus. When I visited the Open Day I thought it was so lovely and the atmosphere felt so nice. What also struck me was how the course team (I study Music Technology) treated us like we were already their peers, rather than children who were visiting for an Open Day.

My favourite thing about Leeds Beckett

My favourite thing about Leeds Beckett is how friendly everybody is. At first glance, people may seem like intimidating third years, but honestly, everybody is more than happy to help you with anything if you just ask.

What im most proud of

I’m most proud of how outgoing I’ve become since studying here at Leeds Beckett. For example, a meeting like this to generate this profile, would previously have left me so nervous. I probably would have cancelled it at one time. Now though, I’m way more confident. I take every opportunity that I can, and there are so many opportunities for us students here at Leeds Beckett.

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BA (Hons) Public Relations, Year 2

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Why I came to Leeds Beckett

I actually came through Clearing. I have a family friend who really recommended Leeds, and I did my research online into Leeds Beckett and decided it was the place for me.

I really like Leeds because it’s such a perfect student city. Everything is within walking distance, there’s so much to do, and there are young people on every corner.

My favourite thing about Leeds Beckett

Leeds Beckett really cares about us as people, not just as students. There are so many services available to help you – from disability support, to the Job Shop and the International mentor scheme. I have made the most of some of these services.

Leeds Beckett really cares about you as a person. They want to make your university experience as smooth as possible. You don’t have to stress about anything, you can just focus on your course. They also host a lot of activities, and get some great experience. For example, I’ve helped to plan a university diversity fashion show, which has given me good experience for my course.

A fact about me


What I’m most proud of

Becoming an International Student Ambassador. It’s helped me to meet people. I was so worried about making friends when I arrived, so it’s nice to know that I can help people with their own worries and make other people’s experience as smooth as possible. When people get in touch with me to thank me for helping them settle in, it makes me really happy.

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BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy, Year 2

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Why I came to Leeds Beckett

I chose to study Speech and Language Therapy at Leeds Beckett because the course here has a really good reputation among the profession.

I also think the city feels very friendly and easy to navigate. Leeds is a big city that has everything you need - but it’s also easy to walk from the top to the bottom without feeling lost or walking for miles.

My favourite thing about Leeds Beckett

I really enjoy studying on city campus - being so central in the city is really fun. There is always something going on in Leeds! There’s loads to do, and hundreds of choices for shopping, eating and drinking – it really feels like home for me.

A fact about me

I love horror films and anything spooky (especially Halloween!)

What I'm most proud of

Being able to say I am studying hard and I will one day have a valuable and interesting career.

As a woman myself, I feel proud to be taught by, and learn alongside, intelligent and inspiring women every day at Leeds Beckett. I feel very strongly about women’s rights and equality and it makes me proud to be part of a university which supports women.

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BA (Hons) Music Production , Year 3

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Why I came to Leeds Beckett

Leeds Beckett was actually the only university I visited and applied to.

I had a friend who recommended it to me, so I thought I'd come to visit seeing as he loved it so much. When I came it just stood out to me, and I chose it as my firm choice straight away. I loved the music facilities.

My favourite thing about Leeds Beckett

First of all, it's full of friendly people.

I also really like that you can work whenever, and however, suits you. I like to work at night, and I like that I can use the facilities 24/7 like the library and the music studios. It’s really unusual to be able to do that.

A fact about me

I have been playing guitar for a decade now!

What I'm most proud of

I'm most proud of all the extra-curricular stuff I've done since coming to Leeds Beckett. I do a lot of sessions in the studio outside of my classes because I enjoy it so much. I do ambassador work, as well as making vlogs and blogs for the university.

I've taken advantage of everything Leeds Beckett has to offer me.

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MA Public Relations

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Why I came to Leeds Beckett

I chose Leeds Beckett based on 5 things:

  1. Location, Location, Location! LBU has two completely different campuses: city and Headingley. It’s an environment where you can be fiercely independent and do endless exploration, which I love.
  2. The resources and opportunities for students at LBU. There’s the study and volunteer abroad programs, great graduate job opportunities, and the opportunity to work with real world clients as part of your course. Oh, and did I mention the 24/7 library?
  3. I love the colour purple!
  4. There seemed to be such a diverse background of students. It gives you the opportunity to meet people from across the globe.
  5. Leeds is a city which is home to four other institutions. I felt that for me, Leeds Beckett was the best. Because there are so many students in the city, you get the best possible student experience. 
My favourite thing about Leeds Beckett

I really enjoy the fact that Leeds Beckett’s City campus is really in the heart of the city. It means you're never bored and there’s so much to occupy yourself with.

A fact about me

I'm a global nomad who’s lived in a lot of different places. Experiencing different cultures excites me.

What I'm most proud of
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BSc (Hons) Broadcast Media, Year 2

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Why I came to Leeds Beckett

Leeds Beckett always stood out as somewhere that was really friendly. I went to lots of Open Days, and they felt cold and formal. Leeds Beckett felt professional, but at the same time really warm and welcoming. I just felt like I belonged.

I live at home, but I enjoy the commute. In a way it has enhanced my experience - the travelling helps me to set myself up for the day, and see parts of Leeds on the journey that students in halls may not see. I take it all in.

My favourite thing about Leeds Beckett

I enjoy that everybody here is so different, but we all have a common goal. We all want to do well and be the very best version of ourselves - both for ourselves, but for our university too.

A fact about me

I won a Princess Diana award and got to meet Prince Charles!

(The Diana Award is the most prestigious accolade a young person aged 9-25 years can receive for their social action or humanitarian work)

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MA Music for the moving image

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Reason I came to Leeds Beckett

I’m actually currently studying my second masters degree here at Leeds Beckett. My first one in Music Production, I really enjoyed. It had the perfect balance of research and practical skills, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay and complete a second masters here too. This one is all about music for movies, so it’s a lot more specific than my last one. I really liked my tutors and I liked living in Leeds so I thought I’d go for it and study this course too. Maybe one day in the future I’ll do a PHD here – watch this space.

My favourite thing about Leeds Beckett

Definitely the music studios, I spend a lot of time there. The staff at the studios know me so well now! They know my music and my preferred instruments and they really help me. The equipment in the studios is super high end, I don’t think other universities across the UK provide students with such good equipment to use. It’s all also open 24/7, which is fantastic.

Fact about me

I sing, I play the piano and the guitar. I have performed for Leeds Beckett quite a lot of times, and I’ve even played at a university fashion show event.

What I'm most proud of

I’m proud that I’ve managed to collaborate with a lot of different people and groups while here, which I couldn't ever do back home.

I’m also proud that I have done so well in my studies so far – I've progressed more rapidly than I ever thought I would.&

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