Himalayas expedition

An expedition team of injured, wounded and sick military personnel and veterans, led by Leeds Beckett University’s Carnegie Great Outdoors, successfully reached the summit of Mera Peak in the Himalayas.

The team, working alongside the Royal British Legion, reached the summit at around 2.50am UK time on the 11th November - Armistice Day. 

The ascent was very challenging physically and mentally but to watch this newly developed team of people overcome the challenges together and support each other in the most extreme and alien of situations was simply superb and will stick with me forever.

It's been a difficult but humbling two weeks of trekking and acclimatising, and with the support and friendships made within the team it was all possible. It was a truly incredible experience to honour the centenary of the First World War... with fellow veterans.

Lyndon Chatting-Walters Veteran

Mission Himalaya research

This study aims to evidence the extent to which the participants involvement in the expedition is attributable to various aspects of personal development and growth. It tries to understand which processes throughout the whole experience represent the mechanisms that matter that lead to any positive developments. Having witnessed ways in which team members became more functional, resourceful and capable throughout the expedition, over the next five years we hope to gain a deeper understanding of the wider challenges the participants face and how this experience helps them.