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Clean drinking water is taken for granted by many of us. But a new and natural method of water purification developed by Leeds Beckett researchers could change the lives of thousands. The research team, led by Dr Martin Pritchard, from the School of Built Environment & Engineering, have identified a plant that grows naturally in Africa and can purify water, making it safe to drink and reducing the risk of disease from water contamination.

"The team from Leeds Beckett, which includes PhD students, have been undertaking research in Malawi for over 10 years with our partners there. Our research found that 80% of wells in Malawi contained water which was unsafe to drink. This led us to look for solutions, and we discovered a locally available plant extract that grows wild throughout Malawi and can be used to improve water quality by 80%. The use of this technology could significantly help to reduce water-related diseases and save lives throughout the developing world."

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