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Physical Education student tells us why his placement is so rewarding

Simon Chin, a third year BA (Hons) Physical Education student tells us about his course and placement experience and how this set him up for his next career choice.

Simon Chin

I’m currently a third-year undergraduate student studying a BA (Hons) Physical Education degree. The selection of this course stems from my passion for sport. The reason I chose the PE course was my aspiration to become a PE teacher, something which I've had in mind since secondary school. I’ve been fortunate enough to have sporting figures and teachers who have pushed me to become ambitious in the sporting and academic field.

I really enjoy the course; it’s challenging but very rewarding as well. The lecturers create modules which incorporate various assessment methods which are all applicable to scenarios we could face in the real world. I like the combination of practical and theory, as it keeps the course exciting.

I also like how in depth and relatable the information is compared to the PE profession. I like how all modules can be connected, whether it be a module I learnt in first year, there is the potential to apply it to current work I am now completing in third year. I personally feel a lot of the things which are taught to me I have seen in my own PE sessions I went through when I was younger and the lecturers here at Leeds Beckett expertly explain why this is. 

At the start of level 5 we were introduced to the Employability in PE module, where we had to undergo a placement of 120 hours’ worth of experience. Leeds City Academy offered me the opportunity to undertake a placement with them to assist every Wednesday, 12.30-4.30pm.

The teachers and students treated me as another member of teaching staff, allowing me to get fully involved with school life. My time at Leeds City Academy consisted of working with year 7 and year 10 pupils in a PE class to get a variety of experience. One of the pupils in the year 10 BTEC class, which I taught in, thanked me for helping her achieve her Distinction*, which was an amazing feeling as I felt I had contributed positively to someone's work, a feeling which I aim to replicate when I become a qualified teacher.

I have just secured a place on a School Direct PGCE course for September 2021. I honestly believe if it wasn’t for the experience I gained on my placement, I wouldn’t have gained a place on the PGCE course.

Tutors stressed the importance of gaining experience and how competitive entering the PE profession is, so setting yourself apart from others is vital for success. I am glad I did this and I am grateful for the knowledge and opportunities the Physical Education course has provided me. I would advise anyone else to do the same and go get as much experience as you can on placement as it makes a huge difference!

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