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Photographers have raised money to help affected groups

Leeds Beckett Senior Lecturer, Casey Orr is part of the photography collective TRACE who were selling prints to raise money for the charities Crisis and Refuge in order to help some of those hardest hit by the current crisis.

Trace Screen

Despite having only started at the end of April, TRACE have been overwhelmed by the level of support they have received, as well as the general level of generosity and enthusiasm from everyone who donated work to the sale, helped them promote it and bought the prints which over £50,0000 was raised. TRACE is run by a very small team of artists, in conjunction with them also doing their day jobs of teaching, producing, directing under the restrictions of social distancing. With all this considered they were absolutely “thrilled” to have raised so much in such little time.

The work was printed by artist and master printer Charlie Meecham with each A4 print being printed on Innova Cotton Rag and sold for £50 plus postage and packing. The sale featured a range of new work from various artists, including Karen Knorr, Martin Parr, Helen Sear, Barry Lewis, Vanessa Winship, George Georgiou, Sian Davey, Judy Harrison, Daniel Meadows, Hannah Starkey, Jem Southam, Frederic Aranda, Brian Griffin, Jillian Edelstein, Edmund Clark, Tom Hunter, Joy Gregory, The Tish Murtha Archive, Peter Mitchell Julia Fullerton-Batten, Clare Strand, Nigel Shafran, Haley Morris-Cafiero, Ken Grant and many more.

The Charities

Covid-19 takes no hostages and right now the charities 'Crisis and Refuge' are working hard to support the people in our society who have no home and who are the victims of domestic abuse, for whom this virus has made their situations so much worse.

Crisis worked directly with thousands of homeless people based on their individual needs and provide support to help them rebuild and progress with their lives, as well as campaigning on wider changes to try and help end homelessness for good.

Refuge are a charity supporting women and children to deal with a range of issues around abuse and violence. With more than 6,000 clients on any given day, the charity runs a number of refuges, provides advocacy and advice services, and carries out various community outreach projects.

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