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Driving sustainable value through responsible leadership and management

Leeds Beckett University is proud to be a support member of The Good Governance Academy established last year to develop ‘conscious leaders who pursue value creation and the development of healthy, purpose driven organisations within the context of inclusive capitalism and sustainable development in all three dimensions of economy, society and the environment&rsquo

The Good Governance Academy held its first conference in June to showcase the best thought leadership in this important arena and a range of academics, policy makers and practitioners explored responsible leadership from a variety of perspectives. A summary (‘memorandum’) of the conference is available here.

Judge Professor Mervyn King, patron of the Good Governance Academy says:

The purpose of the memorandum is that the matters discussed at the conference, are and will be matters of public interest for the public good. These are not matters of intellectual property hidden away in a corporate closet. These are matters for collaboration in terms of Sustainable Development Goal 17 partnerships for the sustainable goals and Goal 4, quality education. It is also to help practitioners to steer the business of the company to the junction of the three critical dimensions for sustainable development, namely the economy, society and the environment”.

An important development in this arena has seen the emergence of Integrated Reporting, a process founded on integrated thinking, which brings together material information about an organisation's strategy, governance, performance and prospects in a way that reflects the commercial, social and environmental context within which it operates. It leads to a clear and concise articulation of the value creation story that is useful and relevant to all stakeholders.

Leeds Business School is at the forefront of developments in this field and our ‘Integrated Reporting Group’ regularly exchanges knowledge and practice. At our next meeting on 12th November we are delighted to welcome Paul Druckman, a former CEO of the Integrational Integrated Reporting Council and board member of the UK regulator, the FRC, and chair of the Corporate Reporting Council which sets UK accounting standards. To find out more or to register to attend please contact Fiona Robertson (f.robertson@leedsbeckett.ac.uk).

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