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Colleague spotlight | Dr Anup Chowdhury


Dr Anup Chowdhury

Dr Chowdhury has over fifteen years of research and teaching experience in finance and accounting. Before joining Leeds Business School, he was attached to several international universities and worked in Siemens AG. He has published research papers in highly acclaimed accounting and finance journals. He has been invited to many international conferences as a keynote speaker and presented papers. Chowdhury holds a PhD in Finance, and his research interest centres on corporate finance, financial markets, international business.

Tell us a bit about you and what led to working with Leeds Business School

Having worked in an enterprise for years, I decided to follow my passion for helping people develop through education and contribute towards the shaping of the next generation of business leaders. This led me to LBU as it is a vibrant and diverse business school with a conducive teaching environment. Additionally, LBU is known for its commitment to personal development through its various initiatives and programs to aid my self-development and students alike.

The collegial and supportive environment of Leeds Business School helps me positively challenge myself and take responsibility. A case in point would be my present engagement in research works, leading a research group, supervising PhD students, coordinating Thomson Reuters Datastream, organising methodological training for colleagues and students, besides teaching undergraduates and postgraduates.

What makes you passionate about your work and why is it important?

Reflecting on my educational experiences, I appreciate the immense impact that teachers make on the lives of young people. I also realise that young people will use the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom throughout their life. Therefore, as a teacher, I hope to be a role model who nurtures young people's knowledge and ability to look at the world critically and make positive contributions to society. With these goals in mind, I am playing my role as an academic to promote the innovative and ethical practice of finance in business organisations.

We are currently seeing a significant emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices, and I want to explore how businesses have responded to this. By understanding the impact of these practices on businesses, we would be able to contribute more effectively towards a more sustainable future. Therefore, in my teaching and research works, I am using evidence from business models to achieve success via the innovative and ethical practice of finance. I specifically focus on areas of business practice such as fintech, environmental responsibilities, socio-economic balance, and financial sustainability.

How is collaboration integral to your work, and what are one or two collaborations that have been most meaningful to you?

I consider collaboration as an opportunity to create synergy. The synergy may come from skills, knowledge, philosophy, and perspective. Collaboration is essential in teamwork as it encourages one to learn from another, helping to create new ideas, an innovative work environment and effective and efficient discharge of responsibilities.

I have got the opportunity to work in several successful collaborations, and it is not easy to choose two of them. The first experience I want to share is a collaboration with my colleague to teach a third-year undergraduate module. We took over the module after the retirement of the previous module leader. Our hard work paid off, and we have seen significant improvement in students engagement and outcomes. The module is voted as one of the best for the last three years. The second experience is about a research collaboration, where I got the chance to work with three colleagues from other universities and successfully published our paper in a high ranked business journal. 

What achievements in this area have you been most proud of while working in Leeds Business School?

My best achievements while working at Leeds Beckett University would be seeing my students develop over time and being able to share in their success and journey.

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