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My time at Leeds Law School

Studying at Leeds Law School was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, mainly because I experienced so many highlights during my time there.
Two law students at graduation holding their graduation certificates

One highlight would be serving as Vice President of the Student Law Society. This provided me with the opportunity to liaise with lecturers, speak on behalf of my peers and really step up as a student. It was such a rewarding experience. There is also an immense amount of support and guidance that is available to all students. Lectures and people in authority create an open space for students to connect, express themselves and grow unapologetically. The support they offer extends even after graduation.

It feels like only yesterday when I wore my gown and walked across the graduation stage to collect my degree.  Feelings of excitement and anxiousness permeated my entire being, with thoughts of starting my career and walking with the independence of achievement.  Fast forward two years and I am so pleased and grateful for the things I have undertaken and the opportunities I have had, and the ones yet to come.

I started my Grad job working in the Litigation Department at Plexus Legal LLP in November 2018.  Working in a corporate environment has instilled a strong sense of discipline and shown me that determination, perseverance and being proactive helps with success.   In my role, I have assisted senior fee earners and solicitors, conducted intensive legal research, drafted legal documents, created trial bundles and liaised with counsel, claimant solicitor’s and other stakeholders.  I’ve had the perfect chance to apply my theoretical knowledge to practice. I’ve also developed my negotiation skills and have learned and unlearned different things concerning commercial awareness, the business of law, competitors and the general industry. 

Moreover, I have been working to advance systems transformation via The Kolleh Foundation. This is our family foundation established to advance Social, Technological and Geopolitical transformation; I am engaged in the latter.  With it, I’ve explored a wide range of international trade deals and analysed diplomatic relations to determine how they promote or threaten individual human rights.  In situations where a threat is more prevalent than a promotion, I am engaged with strategic partners to assess the means by which the foundation can aid in the mitigation of these threats. Another focus area I am engaged with is stopping the exploitation and trafficking of women and children around the world, with an acute focus on Africa.  

In relation to non-law activities, I have had the opportunity and privilege to mentor young girls, by creating a protected space for them to share experiences and challenges, ranging from physical, sexual, emotional and mental health obstacles. I have also delved into the creative sector a bit more by exploring the modelling industry and the digital creating market.

I am now planning on studying for a master’s degree in September in International Human Rights law and doing a human rights internship to gain some more crucial legal experience.

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