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Leeds Law School student Bradley Graves dressed in tux at law event.

Reflections on my first two years as a mature Law School student

Hello, I’m Brad, age 23, studying the Law LLB here at Leeds Beckett and this is my story. In 2015, I finished my A-Levels and was given an apprenticeship as a Car Sales Executive. In this job I was subjected to some gruelling tasks but not a moment goes by that I am not thankful for the skills I gained. From customer care to showroom etiquette, I was taught the basics and beyond of a good salesperson.


My one-year placement with Plexus Law

I am coming to the end of an amazing year working at Plexus Law, where I have had the pleasure of being a Trainee Legal Assistant. It has probably been one of the most peculiar years to work, with a pandemic happening midway through. However, the pandemic has allowed me to quickly develop skills such as being adaptable, managing a large workload and has encouraged me to become more established within a team.

Leeds Law School mature student, Fiona Haigh, carrying her son.

Mature students with children can study law

When I left school in 2005, I went straight into a hairdressing career. I never felt like this was right for me, however, I gave it my all and qualified in 2009 with my NVQ level 3 certificate. After having my son at age 22, I slipped in and out of various careers and never felt fulfilled with any.

Fiona Haigh LLB final year student profile image Fiona Haigh

The C-word, what is it and why is everyone so afraid of it?

The C-word, Commercial awareness, can be a difficult concept to come to terms with and this short blog aims to dispose of some myths, understand it and apply it to the real world! Being commercially aware has far more applications than just within the law as you will soon find out.

 Shaan Fernando
Leeds Law School students standing at Law Firm where they were successful in the interview process.

Two Leeds Law School work experience students hired as paralegals at Thrive Law after completing placement

Law students at Leeds Beckett University have the option to choose a ‘day release’ module as part of their third-year studies. This module is highly beneficial to law students as many students get to the final year of their studies without much experience in a law firm. Therefore, this legal placement is a great opportunity for those students to gain experience working on legal cases and contributing to the wider team in a law firm.


Five years into my law career...

I started my legal career at Leeds Beckett University back in 2015. I had absolutely no experience in the legal industry and I was the first person in my family to go to University. I can so easily recall sitting in the lecture theatre during my very first induction. The panic started to set in slightly when the tutors began explaining the long and difficult process of becoming a solicitor. I had no idea what to expect and I could not imagine ever getting to the finish line which seemed way off in the vague and unimaginable future. 

 Molly Ripley

Time is running out for the Legal Practice Course

If the Solicitors Regulation Authority gets its way, aspiring solicitors wanting to qualify using the current Legal Practice Course (LPC) route should start their law degree or GDL conversion course as soon as possible...*

My experience of a placement at Thrive Law

Hi, I am Mollie, a final year Law student. In this blog I am going to address the ‘day release’ module available for law students and how it has positively benefitted me.

Mollie Eckersley Mollie Eckersley

My placement at Leeds Law Society and Schofield Sweeny

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have undertaken my placement at Leeds Law Society, which developed into a split placement with Schofield Sweeny Solicitors.

Fiona Haigh LLB final year student profile image Fiona Haigh

My placement at Silk Family Law

Following on from my Family Law module in my second year of the LLB at Leeds Law School, I was delighted to be able to do a placement at Silk Family Law in Leeds. This is the area of law I would like to pursue when I graduate later this year. 

Stephen Cherry, law student, standing in garden Stephen Cherry
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