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Leeds Law School’s Law Clinic

My decision to choose the Law Clinic module in the third year of my Law degree was based upon the fact that I wanted to become a solicitor. When choosing this module, the key criteria that stood out to me was that I would be dealing with real-life clients and giving them legal advice.  One of the main jobs of a solicitor is to meet clients, take their instructions and then produce letters of advice; therefore participating in the Law Clinic module was a no-brainer for me to gain relevant experience. 

 Jasmine Page

Moving from music to law

I was very fortunate to have been offered a place to study on the LLB Law degree having previously come from a non-academic background. I originally came to Leeds Beckett in 2016 to study music technology and though I received excellent grades in my first year, I did not feel this was the right course for me. While the jump from a practical music degree to a law degree was big, the transition was seamless, and the academic staff were incredibly supportive. 

Leeds Beckett Logo James Simpson

Legal Cheek Virtual Vacation Scheme

Having heard of various virtual internships taking place through InsideSherpa on LinkedIn, I wanted to expand my knowledge and network by attending various online events. This is when I heard of The Legal Cheek ULaw Virtual Vacation Scheme through LinkedIn, in which four thousand students attended the first of its kind virtual event. 

 Zuzanna Marta Gasiorowska

The next big thing in social mobility: UpReach

With how competitive the field of law is, making the right impression with employers in the application process is extremely valuable. UpReach’s programme offers advice, extra knowledge and tips and tricks for applications and interviews so your CV looks good and therefore, employers will want to offer you the training contract or work experience you’re looking for. After a 100 no’s (which is expected in a growing graduate field) UpReach helps you secure that one yes which changes your complete career and life.

 Kelsey Jones

My experience with the Bright Network Internship

I’ve just finished my first year at Leeds Beckett University studying law. I've been really keen to take every opportunity to enhance my career and skills to strengthen my CV. When I was emailed about the opportunity to take part in the Bright Network Internship, I thought it would be a good opportunity to further my experience.

 Hannah Gill

My road to the bar...

I began studying the L.L.B at Leeds Law School in 2014 and graduated with first-class degree in 2017.

Daniel Doig profile picture Daniel Doig
Leeds Law School student Bradley Graves dressed in tux at law event.

Reflections on my first two years as a mature Law School student

Hello, I’m Brad, age 23, studying the Law LLB here at Leeds Beckett and this is my story. In 2015, I finished my A-Levels and was given an apprenticeship as a Car Sales Executive. In this job I was subjected to some gruelling tasks but not a moment goes by that I am not thankful for the skills I gained. From customer care to showroom etiquette, I was taught the basics and beyond of a good salesperson.

 Bradley Graves

My one-year placement with Plexus Law

I am coming to the end of an amazing year working at Plexus Law, where I have had the pleasure of being a Trainee Legal Assistant. It has probably been one of the most peculiar years to work, with a pandemic happening midway through. However, the pandemic has allowed me to quickly develop skills such as being adaptable, managing a large workload and has encouraged me to become more established within a team.

 Nykki-Marie Smith
Leeds Law School mature student, Fiona Haigh, carrying her son.

Mature students with children can study law

When I left school in 2005, I went straight into a hairdressing career. I never felt like this was right for me, however, I gave it my all and qualified in 2009 with my NVQ level 3 certificate. After having my son at age 22, I slipped in and out of various careers and never felt fulfilled with any.

Fiona Haigh LLB final year student profile image Fiona Haigh

The C-word, what is it and why is everyone so afraid of it?

The C-word, Commercial awareness, can be a difficult concept to come to terms with and this short blog aims to dispose of some myths, understand it and apply it to the real world! Being commercially aware has far more applications than just within the law as you will soon find out.

 Shaan Fernando