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Moving from music to law

I was very fortunate to have been offered a place to study on the LLB Law degree having previously come from a non-academic background. I originally came to Leeds Beckett in 2016 to study music technology and though I received excellent grades in my first year, I did not feel this was the right course for me. While the jump from a practical music degree to a law degree was big, the transition was seamless, and the academic staff were incredibly supportive. 

In my first year, I was selected for the Leeds Law School Mentoring Scheme where I was partnered with someone for career advice. I was fortunate to have been mentored by a trainee solicitor (now fully qualified) from Ramsdens Solicitors who encouraged me to apply for a paid role at his firm. Following an interview, I was offered a paid summer role in Ramsdens Solicitors’ Conveyancing department. I was given as much responsibility there as I was willing to take on, which included speaking with and managing clients on behalf of the solicitors I was assisting. This proved to be invaluable practical experience which developed the interpersonal skills required for any career. All of this hard work really paid off and I was fortunate enough to have been invited back to work at Ramsdens Solicitors the following summer.

A key highlight of my time at Leeds Law School was participating in the Leeds Beckett mooting competition. I was teamed with a fellow student and we took it in turns to be senior and junior counsel in the Court of Appeal. A scenario was then sent to us and we were required to research the relevant areas of law and draft a skeleton argument. We then went head-to-head in the mock courtroom and made our submissions in front of a barrister who judged our advocacy.

While a law degree is a primarily academic degree, a law degree at Leeds Law School will equip you with opportunities to develop the practical skills needed to take the next steps in your legal career. I had a fantastic time there and would happily recommend it.

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