When I started my law degree, I had been out of education for five years and did not know what to expect. I never thought I would be surrounded by such supportive and encouraging staff at Leeds Beckett. There have been a few times during my degree where I have felt a bit overwhelmed and needed support, but I want to say the support I received from my law tutors and the university as a whole has been amazing. There are so many people who are around to help, and everyone wants to see you achieve your best during your time at Leeds Beckett.

At the beginning of this semester, I was worried about a module I knew I would be studying. I spoke to my tutor who took the time to address my concerns and help me understand what was likely to be covered and this made me feel more at ease. Knowing that my tutor was aware of my fears, I felt comfortable talking to her about the module, which meant I was able to enjoy it rather than worry about it. My tutor wanted to me to succeed. I recommend reaching out to them and they will make time to talk to you. Even though everything is online, tutors are still able to organise calls and they are more than willing to talk if you are worried about any academic-related issues.

The Wellbeing team is another great place to access assistance, they have been such a support for me this semester since I have been feeling anxious about the current global situation. You just fill out a form and book an appointment with them, they will then call you and talk through whatever is worrying you and all the options they have for you regarding internal and external support. Through the Wellbeing team, I have been able to access support that usually can take up to six months if I went through the NHS. The great thing about the Wellbeing team is that they are there to support you, so you never feel you are imposing.

Lockdown has meant that everything is now online. The change has been hard on everyone and it is so easy to get into a cycle of missing lectures and then falling behind with everything piling up. However, it’s important to remember that support is still available. The Law School has been amazing at maintaining this support despite everyone working from home. You are still able to access the same level of help as if you were present on campus, only the structure looks a little different.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to tutors for a call or request support. They are also living through the pandemic and they are aware that it is hard for everyone. I cannot fault the help and support I have received through my time at university, especially from Leeds Law School.

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