When I was working as an occupational therapist in child and adolescent mental health I was often asked to contribute to psychological formulations. Whilst I was happy to do this, I always felt there to be a disconnect with my perspective as an occupational therapist. Fast forward 10 years and through my doctoral research and in collaboration with Sue Parkinson I have been able to find a way to address this disconnect through the use of occupational formulation and measurable goals.

In our new book Sue and I describe and illustrate how occupational therapists can use formulation and goals that are informed by the Model of Human Occupation. Whilst underpinned by theory and research the book is presented in an accessible and readable style for student and clinicians. We include authors notes to give insights and discussion points and really importantly there are 20 case studies. These case studies show the application of formulation and goal setting in real life situations, including learning disabilities, prison services and paediatrics. We feel these really make the ideas in the book come alive

In December Sue and I held a virtual book launch with over 130 clinicians joining us for an author Q&A. We had therapists in the UK, Canada and Australia, I truly worldwide event. It was amazing to hear how occupational therapists are already using formulation and goals in their work. They asked interesting and insightful questions that showed us how useful this can be to practice. Sue and I what to see ideas continue to develop and we plan to conduct further research to understand further how these concepts are being used.

Sue (@MOHOspark) and I (dr_robbrooks) are regularly on Twitter and would be delighted to hear your thoughts, comments and questions about the book, which is available here from the publishers and other online book retailers.

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