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Studying Physiotherapy During a Pandemic

We're incredibly proud of how flexible and adaptable our students have been during this extremely challenging year. Mahli and Sophie, first year BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, have taken a moment to share a bit about their experience of studying during the pandemic.

Published on 22 Feb 2021
Mahli Macwana, Physiotherapy

Mahli Macwana

 "Coming back to university this term has been a breath of fresh air (although through a mask), it’s really great to feel like we are starting to return to normality. However, safety for all students is paramount and the university has provided a breadth of safety measures, including one-way systems and compulsory mask-wearing around campus. These measures definitely have made the university feel like a safe place to return to.

After a tiresome year for most, including myself, I also wanted to be part of the solution for getting out of this pandemic. When I saw the advertisement for the vaccinator role, I jumped straight on it and managed to get the job. As a physiotherapy student, I found my knowledge of health and anatomy helped during my training, and now I’m looking forward to starting to help people in this really important way."

Sophie Keeble

Sophie Keeble, Physiotherapy

"This term, the prospect of having practical sessions and physically coming into university was both exciting and a refreshing change from online. However, with the pandemic ongoing there was a little bit of apprehension there as well, with regards to keeping safe whilst still enjoying and learning tactile skills. When going in for that first practical though, it was clear how much the university has done to ensure the safety of both staff and students. With strategically placed hand sanitiser, compulsory face masks and one-way systems in constant effect (as well as many other measures which are perhaps more subtle but no less important) I now no longer feel any apprehension at all when going in - just excited to learn with friends in a safe space."

Dr James Milligan

Head of Subject / School of Clinical & Applied Sciences

James is Head of Subject for Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Sciences being responsible for studies relating to occupational therapy, physiotherapy, sports and exercise therapy, sports therapy and sport and exercise medicine.

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