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Celebrating the work of our BSc Counselling and Mental Health students

Our third year BSc (Hons) Counselling and Mental Health students were set the task of highlighting a current issue in mental health and making the case for change in mental health practice. Here we'd like to celebrate a selection of blogs and a website produced by this cohort.

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The students were given the freedom to choose which format they delivered their case through, and many students took the opportunity to do some really creative work to add to their portfolio. As you can see students tackled a variety of issues in mental health and found interesting and diverse ways to present their arguments. Please take a look and feel free to share to your own social media channels.

Emma Shaw's blog 'The Trying 20s' focuses on understanding suicidiality and mental health, specifically in people of student age.

Phoebe Thomas's blog 'The M Word' is a space for people to share their mental health stories either using their name or anonymously. Phoebe raises particular concerns about pro-ana (anorexia) websites.  Phoebe goes onto explain "I also discuss coping mechanisms and sleep hygiene etc along with my own experience. It's all about beating the stigma that still surrounds mental health".

Molly Hillyard's website 'Time to Change' considers the role of Routine Outcome Measures in counselling and psychotherapy, e.g. those psychometric forms you fill out if you have therapy through the NHS, and her proposals for how the system could change. Molly says: "It was important to me that I did something innovative and different, making the most of the various formats that were made available to us that differ from the conventional essay. I wanted to capture the need for change in the most modern, original and creative way I could."

Becky Alvey's blog 'The Stigma Needs to Stop' is concerned with power imbalances in mental health and Becky makes the case for the Power Threat Meaning Framework.

And Francesca Burns' blog 'Let's Talk About It' considers the language we use in mental health and how this play into mental health stigma.

Dr John Hills

Senior Lecturer / School of Health & Community Studies

John Hills is a senior lecturer in Counselling and Mental Health across courses offered by the School in Psychological Therapies and Mental Health. He is a BACP accredited psychotherapist and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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