An interest in sociology and psychology encouraged me to pursue the role of mental health nurse

Student spotlight | Carly Gibson, BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing


Carly Gibson

Hey! My name is Carly Gibson, and I am a 21-year-old student mental health nurse (MHN), originally from Stoke on Trent. Moving to Leeds was scary, as I did not know anyone here, but I soon made friends, some of which I will be friends with forever. I have recently accepted a post at Mount, working on Ward 4. I am so excited to start my career and expand my wealth of knowledge as a registered nurse.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you to Mental Health Nursing

Prior to attending LBU, I completed an L3 Health and Social Care course at college, which offered education in areas such as mental health and the job opportunities surrounding this area. I originally wanted to be a midwife, however, completing sessions such as psychology and sociology fascinated me, which encouraged me to pursue the role of a mental health nurse. 

My grandad was originally from Leeds, and when I attended the university for an open day, I automatically knew it was where I wanted to be. It was situated in the correct spot, right at the heart of the city, surrounded by everything you could need as a student (not to mention the boat pub across the road)! 

I came for my interview, and I was so apprehensive about whether I would get a place, and whether I would possess enough enthusiasm to fulfil the role efficiently – however, I did! Seeing my name flash up on the PowerPoint screen for an interview relieved me! I was good enough to be a nursing student – and so are you!!! 

Why did you choose Leeds Beckett?

Choosing Leeds Beckett was an easy option for me as I felt as though I would belong there. The staff, the environment, the layout, just everything seemed to fit appropriately. 

LBU is local to the shops, stadiums, arenas, train station and much more. It is situated in the heart of the city, a lively city to say the least. 

Leeds Beckett had a good reputation prior to me applying for both nursing and general graduations. Leeds Beckett was chosen as I felt that it would be suitable for my needs, especially as an undergraduate. 

What has been your favourite thing about your time studying at Leeds Beckett?

My favourite aspect of studying at Leeds Beckett is the wide range of people you meet. On my course particularly, there were many different individuals from diverse backgrounds, who all shared a variety of experiences.

By meeting these individuals, it allowed me to build friendships on different levels, because of the wealth of knowledge the other students possessed. This was one of my favourite aspects, because I was able to share my own first-hand experiences.

The making and maintaining of new friendships has been my favourite thing about Leeds Beckett – it is a friendly place to be!

What advice would you give someone thinking about studying this course?

The advice that I would provide for future MHNs is to get plenty of sleep and rest wherever you can! Ensure that you drink plenty of water, especially when working on wards! Have fun, stay safe and do not be ashamed to ask for help when you are struggling. I was granted mitigation for my dissertation due to personal issues – I thought this was a failure, however, the LBU Nursing team reinforced to me that sometimes superheroes need help too! Read that again. 

It is okay to admit you are not okay, and you need help! 

A final piece of advice I would provide is have fun and remember that you are a student too! Go to student nights, go to Freshers, have a blast!

Being a student nurse comes with its difficulties, but remember when you are out, you are still representing your profession. A word of advice is to not wear your uniform outside of your workplace, be sensible where you wear your ID badge. Look after yourself and I look forward to meeting you, the future nurses when you have placement on Ward 4! Who knows, I could be your mentor!

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