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It might seem like a huge and daunting task, packing your life up and moving - but I promise it's not. Give yourself plenty of time to pack, and I would recommend making a tick list of everything you want to bring (because there will always be something you’ll forget!).

I’m going to be splitting my list of 10 essentials into three sections: non-negotiables, the important things and the finishing touches.

The Essential Things to Think About

  1. Important documents
    This is probably the most boring thing on the list, but you’ll be thankful you brought all your important documents if you apply for a job. Make sure you bring things like your birth certificate, national insurance number, passport, driving license, plus any university correspondence or visa information if you’re an international student. Since these are important documents, make sure you keep them safe in something like a box file - it's a nightmare to replace these if you lose them!
  2. Electronics
    Apart from your laptop or phone, make sure you have all the cables you need. What would be worse than travelling across the country and settling in, only to realise you can’t charge your laptop until you go back home?
  3. Healthcare
    If you take any medication, including things like birth control, make sure you pack these. This is a good time to stock up on those items that you can always find at home in a first aid kit: plasters, allergy tablets and of course, paracetamol for those hangovers.

Important Things to Think About

  1. Kitchen
    There are so many things you could end up taking for the kitchen, from peelers to apple slicers, but at least make sure you cover the basics with a set of cutlery, a plate, a bowl and a mug. If you're in touch with your new housemates on social media, why not ask them what they're bringing, so that you're not all duplicating items? You don't need six toasters for example.
  2. Bedroom
    Like with the kitchen, you can go mad with bedroom things. You definitely want to make sure you have a snug duvet and pillow, and your favourite duvet set to remind you of home.
  3. Bathroom
    For the bathroom, undoubtedly you’ll want your own set of towels. This is probably the last thing you’d want to share with your new flatmates!
  4. What are you going to wear?
    Besides making sure you have an outfit for every occasion, make sure you bring something warm! Leeds can be quite windy, and it does rain in winter, so a toasty coat or jacket and a sturdy umbrella will be a life saver.

The Things for Finishing Touches

  1. Entertainment
    From books to board games, you need to make sure you bring something to take your mind off your uni work once in a while. A great idea is a pack of cards – easy to store, portable and can be played with a group of friends.
  2. Personal Items
    To add some personalisation to your new home, add some finishing touches; some fairy lights, posters or a calendar. I’d recommend a little house plant, like a cactus. They’re easy to look after and will brighten up your room! You could even wait until you get to Leeds to buy these things, as we have shops such as Wilko, HomeSense and Primark in the city which have lots of lovely home items. There's also a huge Ikea around a 15 minute drive away - why not visit with your new housemates as a bonding session?
  3. Photos
    To remind you of your friends and family it’s always nice to decorate your new place with some cute photos.

This is definitely not a definitive list and it might cover things that you don’t feel you want to bring. Don’t forget as well that you aren’t moving to the moon; if you forget to bring an extension lead or a bottle of shampoo they can easily be picked up in Leeds. It’s easy to stress yourself out packing to move, but don’t stress too much because it’s also a really exciting experience! Finally, don’t forget to check with your accommodation about what is already in the flat and specific rules, for example you might not be able to put up posters or have real candles. I hope this has been a helpful guide, and good luck!


Hi, I’m Nina, I’m a third-year history student and I love student life in Leeds! My hobbies include trying new food and cocktails, travelling and art. I’m really involved with the Students’ Union and I'm an active volunteer.

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