It’s the spookiest time of the year and one of the best nights to spend getting to know your new flatmates or enjoying time with your best friends and family. For me, Halloween is all about creating a good atmosphere and making your home as festive as possible. As a student this can sometimes seem like quite an expensive thing to do, but it doesn’t have to be, and I have some tips to help you.

Look for discount stores

When you’re a student, money is not something you want to waste. You may be thinking, why pay loads for decorations which will only be up for a few weeks? Well the great news is, you can decorate on a budget if you shop at the right places. There are many discount stores in Leeds that do some great decorations for only a few pounds. Most of them have an aisle dedicated to Halloween at this time of year where you can pick up items such as cobwebs, bloody handprint stickers and spooky bunting. It’s fun to make a day of decoration shopping and then put them up around your house with your friends. I love this time of year because everyone gets into the Halloween spirit and people get competitive as we all want to be the spookiest house. Make your house or flat look the best on the street!

Reuse and Recycle

A lot of people have become more sustainable in recent years which is great! So instead of buying all of your decorations from the shop, why not get creative and upcycle rubbish that you’d otherwise throw out and make some from that too. One of my favourite ideas for this requires any old white bedsheets or t-shirts you may have lying around the house. Stuff them with newspaper and tie a string around the top of the sheet to create a round head shape. Then, draw on some eyes and you have your very own homemade Halloween ghost. I attached mine to the front window and it looked great and scared more people than it probably should have. Alternatively, treat yourself to a nice bouquet of flowers and when they start to dry up, hang them by your front door for a gothic vibe. Have a look around your house, give it a try and see what you can create.


Now we can’t talk about Halloween and not mention pumpkins! Many of the well-known supermarkets in Leeds currently sell medium sized ones for around the £2 mark. Why not have a pumpkin carving night with your housemates and see who can make the best one? Carving tools are an extra £2 usually, but if you don’t fancy splashing out, use some kitchen utensils instead. Chuck in a pack of £1 tealights and voila you have yourself some Halloween decorations. I like to make the most out of my pumpkins and save the insides too to make a pie or a stew. That way it doubles up as decorations and some festive food for you to feast on too.


Halloween is such a good opportunity to enjoy time with the people around you. So now it's time to get creative and get decorating. Remember, you can always save the decorations for the next year so that you don't have to pay for decorations again.

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