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pumpkin mug with haloween sweets inside

Shopping on a Budget

The first thing to buy at Halloween is of course, the all-important pumpkin. You’ll these find in most supermarkets at the price of approx. £2. As a student I am more than familiar with the many discount stores Leeds has to offer. I recommend you find your nearest one and explore the aisles dedicated to Halloween to see what goodies you can find. In the past I have found Halloween costumes and litres of fake blood and decorations, all on the cheap and within my student budget. There is so much on offer from paper decorations, banners, ghoulie skull shot glasses and if you’re lucky you’ll find my personal favourite, skeleton wine goblets that seldom pass the £5 mark. Bargain!

TikTok Trend

A current trend I’ve seen on TikTok is a “different room-different club” scenario. Due to Covid-19 we are only allowed to socialise with our household and so this trend on TikTok is all about bringing the fun from the club to your household bubble. Use your acquired treasures from the bargain stores and decorate each room in your house with different decorations. Then, allocate a different music genre, theme and a host to each room. On the night of All-Hallows Eve, spend an hour in each “club” of the night. To add another twist to the evening, it’s fun if the hosts of each room have a Halloween themed game ready to play. Although this Halloween will only be spent with a small number of your friends or family (whoever you live with), this is great way to get creative and enjoy the night. 

Movie Night

Before a movie night I love to go to the confectionary aisles and stock up on multipacks of sweets to prepare for the spooky movie marathon. Popcorn and other loud foods are strictly off limits in my house. A jump scare in a film doesn’t work when all the room can hear is excessive crunching and you will be the least liked person in the room.

I always start off nice and easy with something a bit more light-hearted. Hocus Pocus is mandatory. Then I’ll move onto the cheesy 90s Halloween films as they are a great way to get into the spooky spirit. To keep the costs down I recommend starting a 7-day free trial of Disney plus to watch these for free. Don’t forget to cancel it afterwards though! Or maybe you have a loving relative who generously pays for the subscription and is happy to give you their password. Once you’ve finished the cheesy films, the world is your oyster. Go as scary as you want. If you want real fear, jump onto Netflix and watch “The Haunting of Hill House”. Warning, it is not for the faint hearted. If you’re not up for that and you want to keep it comical with a Halloween theme, I recommend programmes like the The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” specials.

So there you have it, three fun ways that you can enjoy Halloween on a student budget. Have fun, enjoy yourselves, and most importantly, stay safe!


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