Whether you are staying in your flat, family home or hanging with your house mates, these games provide great entertainment. They are all student budget friendly and require little to no preparation. So, grab your last-minute costumes and let’s enjoy Halloween safely at home.

Halloween Quiz

Any themed party is not complete without a good bit of trivia. There are so many topics that you can include in your quiz. I have participated in quizzes that have been horror film based and have included classic Halloween music rounds. I've also taken part in picture rounds where you guess the celebrity in their Halloween get up and also more generic Halloween themes. I think quizzes are a great as they can be played virtually over a video call or in person. You can get imaginative and create your own or simply download a version from the internet if you’re short on time. Everyone loves a good quiz to test their knowledge, especially when there is a prize involved. Quizzes can be completed individually or in groups depending on the number of attendees, which is great for when you are in a smaller group.

Mummy Wrap

A childhood favourite that is just as fun now as it was back then. It’s a silly game that has provided lots of laughs over the years whenever I’ve played this game with friends. It’s simple and doesn’t require much preparation. The only thing you need to buy is some toilet roll. First you get into teams and nominate one individual per team to be the ‘mummy’. Each team is then given an equal amount of toilet roll. The aim of the game is to be first team to run out of toilet roll by wrapping the chosen individual in it, like a mummy. It is great entertainment and makes for some funny photos afterwards. So, what are you waiting for, get spinning!

Pumpkin Bowling

I’ve left the best until last as this one is my all-time favourite Halloween game. Happen to have some toilet roll leftover from your mummy wrap game? Then why not try pumpkin bowling? A different take on your classic bowling game and it’s more affordable than the real-life thing too. All you need is a pumpkin for the bowling ball and toilet rolls for the pins. Enjoy getting competitive with your housemates, as you cheer each other on. I love how everyone gets involved with this one and my friend’s celebrations after scoring a strike are always hilarious.

If you’re looking for more spooky themed ideas, I always find that browsing on YouTube and Pinterest helps to ignite inspiration for any occasion. I hope that you try out some of these games and have a spooky good time. Enjoy!

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