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Why Leeds Beckett is a great place to study

Hi, I'm Elettra and in this blog I will be sharing with you my thoughts about why Leeds Beckett University is a great place to study and why I am happy with the choice I made when deciding which university to go to.

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Diverse community

Leeds Beckett has provided diversity and colour to my university experience. It has allowed me to enjoy a social life and student experience as well as working on my degree which has enriched my overall experience. Some of these experiences include going on International Cultural Exchange to St John’s University in New York City and spending a year in industry on placement in Spain. The opportunities I have had to meet people with same interests and even international students with totally different cultural and educational backgrounds has been really eye opening. Leeds Beckett allows students to benefit even more from their experience, thanks to the modern and well-equipped campuses, in Headingly and the City Centre. I used to go to the gym on campus just before classes, and after I would stay at the library to work on the lectures and seminars I had on the day. Due to the handy locations of the facilities on campus, it saved me a lot of time because I didn’t have to move from one place to another. 

Variety of student support

One thing I love about Beckett is the wide range of services available for students. Students need various types of support, depending on where they come from, what their interests are and what they want to achieve, and the university recognises that. I can’t think of any area of student support that has not been taken into consideration by Leeds Beckett to help students lives during their studies. I found the university support very helpful during my application process. I was in continuous contact with the Admissions team and have been in contact with many other helpful teams during my time here.  The Study Abroad team were really helpful when I was considering my options for the study exchange and the Placement team were there for me when I set up my work year. The team I have accessed the most support from has been the Accommodation Team. Before arriving in Leeds, they were extremely supportive and they managed to secure me a place in university halls, even though I was a late applicant. I was very grateful for this support and they were very accommodating to my requests and needs. 

Easy to use online services

It is so easy to access any learning and study material at Beckett. Logging into our online student portal is straight forward and from there we can access learning resources, all necessary information about the course and each individual module. Being familiar with accessing so much online and the easy to navigate systems has been very helpful during the pandemic. Getting used to the new reality in my personal life is already overwhelming enough and so it helped me a lot to know that I already knew how to use the online systems for university. I was able to quickly shift into the distance learning experience without too much trouble.    

I also find that the support section of the student portal is a good tool. There are some useful links dedicated to academic support, such as more in-depth learning materials and specific academic contact details. Then there is also personal support resources, which provide advice on a large number of topics varying from student life and money, accommodation, wellbeing to disability, sexual misconduct and crisis contacts, Students' Union services and finally career opportunities and international student support. 

Wide range of social opportunities

Leeds Beckett is a very friendly, social environment where students can participate in activities and societies offered within the Students' Union as well as within individual schools. I frequently engage with the Student Union’s activities and really enjoy the variety of events that they have on offer.

Throughout the year, many events take place on campus. I have enjoyed attending a number of these. Some examples include:

  • Guest lectures – I had some very interesting sessions with important speakers from famous companies, such as the Head of PR & Comms from Kellogg’s and the Visual Media Conference
  • Careers and job fairs, as well as graduate schemes opportunities, both with Leeds Beckett and external companies
  • Job interview workshops, LinkedIn and CV builder sessions with experts in the fields
  • Global Engagement Week, with events raising awareness on Diversity & Inclusion, like the International Fashion Show & the Study Abroad fair
  • Weekly quiz nights at the Students Union
  • Society mixer events

I cannot thank Leeds Beckett enough for all the opportunities I have had during my time here. From meeting new friends to learning new topics and preparing me for the workplace, I am 100% satisfied with my university experience. If I had to go back and do it all again, Leeds Beckett would still be my first choice!

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