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Why I chose to study at LBU

Hi, I’m Nicole and I am a first-year Primary Education student here at Leeds Beckett University. In this blog I am going to cover the three main reasons why I chose to come and study at LBU.

Abstract art in front of James Graham Building on Headingley Campus

I found out about Leeds Beckett University through my school, social media searches and also through a career’s advisor in correspondence to my predicted grades. After gathering information from all these sources, I was then able to weigh up my options and choices about which university I wanted to go to. Here are the four main reasons why I chose to study at Leeds Beckett.

Impressive new course facilities

I wanted to study Primary Education as I aspire to become a teacher and enjoy helping and shaping the minds of young people. I’d like to be someone that people look up too when it comes to being in the classroom. I chose to study this course at LBU as I knew that the education facilities and the newly built education building would enhance my experience and learning of this course. Additionally, I chose this course specifically at Beckett as when I spoke to the staff on my course during my decision making process, they were incredibly supportive and willing to help whenever, which is a really big deal for me as I do find it hard to ask for help.

Gain independence by moving to Leeds

Before I moved to Leeds, I was always looking for ways to become more independent but could never find the right way to do so. Once I got an interview opportunity at LBU, I knew that it was my chance to think and act for myself without my decision being blurred. My family and friends helped me and actively supported me by telling me to choose what I thought would be best for me. I am not from Leeds originally so for me it was a huge change and step to leave all the things that were familiar back home. I’m so glad that I did because otherwise that independence that I have gained now, wouldn’t have been as prominent if I had stayed at home. This independence has also led to me making some incredible new friends as well as experiencing what it’s like to live in student accommodation. It has provided me with the opportunity to think for myself and adapt my life the way I want it and Leeds Beckett made me feel safe to do so.

Supportive staff and wellbeing

During my Open Day, the staff on site were incredibly lovely and heart-warming, which made me feel less nervous when following the campus tour as well as attending the subject knowledge talk. I felt relaxed and able to take in all the information that would benefit me when making my UCAS decision. Additionally, the staff who ran the interviews were incredibly understanding and brought the Beckett therapy puppy along for those who were feeling stressed. This then automatically brought to light how caring and compassionate the LBU staff are towards their students, as well as visitors. I personally have had direct support from my academic advisor which has been really helpful. They’ve supported me when it came to organising my placement as well as during my recent maths assignment. I was a little nervous asking for help at first as I didn’t want to be seen as incapable, but the staff here are so calm and caring which allows me to clearly express clearly what I’m struggling with. I couldn’t have asked for better tutors.

Ideal campus size and location

I prefer to be taught in a smaller and enclosed environment. I noticed that my course would be held at Headingley campus, which is what really solidified my decision. Although still spacious, it feels the smallest of the two campuses, due to the fact that everything is within the campus grounds and not spread out across the city. The campus is surrounded by greenery so you can’t even see it from the main road. There is a park on the back of it called Beckett park which is a lovely green area to sit in. There is also student accommodation on site, about a five minute walk from the James Graham building (which is a big lecture hall with a library) so you could easily run back for a book or folder if you decide to stay in that accommodation. There are also sports facilities, a student hub which contains a café and other food options, a students' union and the amazing green space on campus called The Acre. There’s everything you’ll ever need in such a quiet and condensed area, what’s not to love.

These are the main reasons why I decided that LBU would be the best place for me to study and why Leeds would be a beneficial location for me to live in. I hope they help you in your decision-making process too.

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