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Choosing Leeds Beckett in Clearing

Hi, I’m Humaira, a Speech and Language Therapy student at Leeds Beckett University. In this blog I will be discussing my experience with the Clearing process.  

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My original plan

I wanted to become a Dental Hygienist and originally applied for this course at other universities. I was not successful during the interviewing process, and this led me to research other courses. This was a blessing in disguise because I have now learned how there are limited job opportunities in this field. I started searching for courses that had places available through Clearing and I found Speech and Language Therapy (SLT). This course appealed to me because of the varied nature of the course. Another thing that I liked about the course was that once qualified as a Speech Therapist, you can specialise in many different settings such as schools, hospitals, care homes, youth offenders or adults with learning disabilities and so there are a wide range of career options to choose from. 

Change of plan, why Leeds Beckett?

So, once I had decided on my new course, I decided to look at my university options and I applied to Leeds Beckett.

I chose Leeds Beckett because of the specialist resources available for Speech and Language Therapy students.

For example, the clinical suites and resources room contain assessment and intervention tools which are very useful for practice. I also liked the fact that the library had long opening hours which meant that I could study whenever I wanted. I attended an Open Day and was able to speak to some of the lecturers on the course. They provided me with information regarding the different environments that a Speech therapist could work in. Additionally, they explained the duration of placements and the different assessment methods used.

After I had applied, I received a phone call from a member of the course team (who is now one of my favourite lecturers). A telephone interview was arranged, and I was given two written tasks to complete. I enjoyed sharing my experiences during the interview and learning more about the teaching styles used on the course. For example, blended learning approaches (group work, video assignments and placement tasks). 

During this experience I felt nervous and excited at the same time because I really wanted the place and thankfully I got it!

Things to consider when applying through Clearing

One aspect of this process which I feel is important to mention would be finding accommodation. I wanted an ensuite room however initially there were none available because I applied to LBU later than most students. This was slightly stressful because I was not comfortable with sharing a bathroom, but at the time this was my only option. I registered my interest for an ensuite room and was luckily contacted when one became available. The university team were very helpful and able to accommodate my request and I moved into an ensuite room which I was happy about. I feel that this is an important aspect to consider when going through Clearing and make sure that you register for accommodation as soon as you can so that you can get the type of room you want and the accommodation team will support you in finding the right one.

Final thoughts

I wanted to study at Leeds Beckett because I liked the facilities the university had to offer, they are very subject specific and I knew that this would aid my learning.


The Clearing process was straightforward and I would recommend that students go through Clearing if they want to change their course like I did. 

It is also beneficial to research the job opportunities that are available after the degree, to ensure that they are suitable for you. I would also suggest that you utilise all the support that is available such as contacting the course team/ students on the course with questions. Finally, don’t worry if your original plan does not go as anticipated as something better will be around the corner.

Thinking about applying through Clearing?

Find out more about the courses they have to offer and more information on the Clearing application process. 

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