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My top tips for settling into university

Hi, I’m Hollie, a third year Sport and Exercise Therapy student at Leeds Beckett. In this blog I’ll be sharing my experience and top tips for settling into university.

curtains and fairy lights

It is almost September, you are heading to university, it has come around so quickly and is both incredibly exciting but can be quite nerve wrecking at the same time. While you are looking forward to all the new experiences and opportunities, you may also be worried about settling in, finding your feet, making friends or being away from home (especially if it is your first time).

Do not worry, I am here to give you my top tips for settling into university and making that transition a little bit easier.

Decorate and personalise your room

When I first moved to university, I found this was one of the most important aspects of the moving process. It can feel quite daunting moving straight into an empty room. I made sure that I unpacked straight away. I wanted to make it feel more like me and home. I also kept my door open (another cheeky tip for you), so I could easily start to get to know my new flatmates. In most university rooms you will have a pin board, bring as many photographs as possible of your favourite memories, friends, family, and pets. I found having those around my room really helped whenever I felt like I was missing them. I added lots of fairy lights, plants, cosy blankets, and candles, all things which made the room feel more like home.

Talk to as many people as you can

If you are not used to meeting new people, suddenly being surrounded by a bunch of new people (and moving in with new people) can be scary. I’m quite an energetic and confident person, so I did my very best to try and talk to as many people as I could and make anyone, I could feel comfortable. I felt like this helped me initially when settling in and feeling less alone. If you are feeling a tad shy, remember everyone is in the same boat and there will be so many people feeling the exact same. By branching out you may just be the person that helps them!

Explore the city

I feel like it is slightly underestimated how much it can help you feel settled, so I encourage you to go explore! You are in a brand new and exciting city. Going out and exploring when I initially moved is something I do not regret one bit. Another student and I from the accommodation we were staying in, headed out to explore the area, the museum, art gallery, the shops, the best shops for coffee, you name it. I found within a week I felt way more comfortable with finding my way around the city, which really helped with settling in and feeling less intimidated.

Ask for help and support if you need it

This is something I wish I had done sooner, and something I held back from. I think when you move to university, you have these really high expectations of how it is going to be, feel and the things you are going to do. When Freshers dies down and the uni work starts flooding in, it can feel quite overwhelming, and I found I felt quite lonely in the weeks following moving. Looking back, I could have very easily reached out, been honest and asked for some extra support. So, if you are feeling a little lost and unsettled, speak to someone. Whether it is a friend, a family member, someone from the university, anyone you feel comfortable speak to. It could make all the difference!

Overall, moving to university, while it is a little scary is one of the most amazing experiences. It allows you to discover yourself on your own, while meeting new people and trying new things. I hope my tips helped you, good luck and enjoy it!


Hi I’m Hollie, a fitness instructor, blogger and Sport Therapy student. I have a passion for all things fitness, wellbeing and mental health. I am a massive advocate of self love and spreading kindness in everything you do! I believe together we can make ourselves and the world a better place.

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