• If students aren’t using the service then they either prefer to use another mode of transport or the service does not suit their needs.
  • When asked how often they use the service, most respondents (77 students at Kirkstall Brewery and 16 students at Sugarwell Court) use the service 2-3 times per week.
  • The majority of respondents (155 students) walk to University if they don’t use the shuttle bus.
  • 76% of students found travelling to the University campus easy. .
  • When students were asked has the shuttle bus service made their halls of residence more attractive, overall 83% of students indicated that they did.
  • In the follow up question did the students think that the shuttle bus would influence them when choosing their halls of residence next year, 117 students indicated that it would have a major influence on their choice.
  • Finally, when asked in the survey were there any further comments they would like to add 47 students mentioned increasing the frequency and/or extending the timetable. There were 17 positive comments on the driver, 17 positive comments on the service itself and 17 comments on struggling to get a seat at certain times of day and suggesting that a larger bus is needed.

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