Halloween isn't it can still be expensive and wasteful, so I've put together some tips on how to make your Halloween greener!

Purchase your pumpkins from local organic farms. When Halloween's over and you have to throw out your hard work, remember to compost your pumpkins and save the seeds to use in baking/ cooking. If you paint on the pumpkin, it must go in general waste! Check out this recipe from Jamie Oliver on how to roast pumpkin seeds
Pigs Eating Pumpkins

Birchfield Farm - Pumpkin Festival (North Yorkshire)
Purchase sweets and chocolate made from natural ingredients. No artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives. To reduce plastic wrapper waste, buy sweets in bulk. For a different sweet treat, make a pumpkin pie; BBC Pumpkin Pie
Use reusable buckets or bags for trick or treating. Don't waste plastic bags when you could redecorate and reuse an old bag to fit the costume.
Reuse old costumes or wear your own clothes and DIY them to make a new one. Check out the vintage shops in and around Leeds, or the pop ups at the SU for cheap t-shirts or dresses you can DIY. If purchasing a costume is more suitable for you, then be sure to donate it to a charity shop. 
Trick or treat in your own neighbourhood. Why not get to know your neighbours better by walking around your neighbourhood, instead of driving to a different one. 
Make your own decorations

Remember, if you throw a party, to recycle all the bottles and cans!

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