Green Impact 2020 Awards and on to 2021!

Green Impact is an NUS behavioral changing scheme that we as a University have been a part of for 5 years, managed and organised by the Sustainability Team.

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What is Green Impacts?

As mentioned by the Vice Chancellor Professor Peter Slee in a recent email, we are very proud to say that we had 8 completing teams in 2020. In this past year we have seen amazing work in the form of team projects, there have been hedgehog houses built both at homes and on campus, awareness raising events, and even a community cookbook.

The Team results can be seen below:

Team Award Level
Estates Silver
Distance Learning Silver
Rose Bowl 148 Gold
Procurement Platinum
Corporate Communications Platinum
CARES Campus Services Platinum
The Green Filmmakers Platinum
Sport and Active Lifestyle Platinum

These awards are all about tackling climate change by influencing changes in our day-to-day behaviours.

Professor Peter Slee Vice Chancellor

Green Impact 2020 Celebrations

These achievements were celebrated on Tuesday 25th May, via a virtual lunch ceremony, with a 3-course lunch (provided by Lean Lunch) sent to each attendees home, alongside a shampoo bar (Provided by Social Stories Club) and certificates sent to the team leaders homes. This event was organised and ran by the Sustainability Team, with opening words from Dr Duncan Sharp and the awards announced by Andy Allison.

Green Impact 2021, What's next?

We as an institute have evolved past the initial framework, which is amazing and shows the success of the scheme, the behavior change is happening, the tasks that were originally requested have now become second nature to the Leeds Beckett Culture. After the positive feedback from the projects, we have decided to undergo a total reform for the 2021 toolkit, which will be completely project based, allowing for individual interpretation from teams. This new toolkit will be even more engaging, and even more impactful than the way it has been previously ran, allowing for a real difference to be made.

We now call academics to join this scheme and show solidarity in the efforts to make changes for the better.

The Green Impact Awards provide an important platform to share, commit, and inspire future change which has never been more important and necessary

Dr Duncan Sharp Chair - Leeds Beckett Sustainability Advisory Group

How To Get Involved

If you are passionate about big changes in small steps, head to our Green Impacts Page to read more, or email with any questions or to register an interest.

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