Carnegie School of Sport partnership

International Council for Coaching Excellence

Working together to support coaches around the world. As a not-for-profit cooperative leading the development of coaching globally, the ICCE has worked with leading organisations to help shape policy and practice in coaching 

International Council for Coaching Excellence

For ICCE, our relationship has provided the organisation with a “place to call home” by having its Global Coaching Office based within our Carnegie School of Sport (CSS). Being based in CSS has provided ICCE with access to our academic staff and allowed the organisation to increase its capacity to produce research and development outcomes. 

Impact of our partnership

  1. Opportunities

    For us at Leeds Beckett, we’ve been able to access significant players in the sporting and coaching world and these introductions through ICCE have led to new partnerships which have provided our academic team with numerous opportunities. From leading international research and development projects, to presenting at the European Commission, our staff have enjoyed the chance to contribute to interesting, high profile projects.

  2. Student experience

    As well as advancing our expertise, these projects have allowed us to be involved in shaping the coaching policies across the European Union and beyond.

    Our students have also had access to some exciting opportunities via the partnership. From volunteering in research projects, supporting data collection and analysis, to attending major sporting events for free. 

  3. Research with impact

    In recent years, our work with ICCE has led to the creation of three PhD and two MRes opportunities, as well as a full-time job within the iCoachKids project which is co-led by the University and ICCE. 

  4. Player development

    And with the launch of the Carnegie International Soccer Academy – a ground-breaking partnership between Leeds Beckett University and Leeds United – we are helping talented football players develop their ability and graduate with greater opportunities on and off the field.

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