BSc (Hons)

Digital and Technology Solutions

This course has been created to address the digital skills shortage in the UK. All students will develop practical skills and knowledge in data analysis, computer programming, business analysis and cyber security before specialising in one of these areas in later years of study.

Digital and Technology Solutions

Course Overview

  • Attendance

    Part Time
  • Duration

    4 years
  • Venue

    Headingley Campus
  • Cost

    Maximum of £25,000 over four years.

The course aligns with the requirements of the 'Tech Industry Gold Degree Apprenticeship' Standard of the Tech Partnership Degrees. Through their employment, students also develop positive behaviours greatly increasing their career prospects.

Each student will receive a quality learning experience that fosters engagement with the programme of study and promotes independent study and life-long learning. Strong career themes run throughout all levels of the course ensuring students become confident, competent, capable and independent IT professionals, able to operate in a range of related roles.

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Course Details
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