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Jeremy's Story

Jeremy is from Malaysia and studied a Masters in Sports and Exercise Therapy. He had planned to come to the UK to study after receiving his Undergraduate degree and chose to study at Leeds Beckett upon receiving a recommendation from his lecturer.  

Why I chose to study a Masters

I knew that I wanted to study my Masters in the UK, and I wanted to expand upon my skills in a hands-on, practical environment. One of my lecturers had attended Leeds Beckett and recommended that I investigate it. After speaking to a representative for the University, I decided to apply.

My Sports and Exercise Therapy course

The facilities at Leeds Beckett are well-equipped for us to learn new skills, such as sports massage techniques and understanding how to use ice to aid athletes’ recovery. We have a lot of opportunities to try out different things.

My experience as an international student

I have found it easy to make friends and chat with my flatmates. I joined the International Society, and they had lots of activities like karaoke night. I mingled with people from all over the world and learned more about their cultures. Hopefully after I’ve completed my studies, I can travel and explore their countries!

Living in Leeds

Leeds is a very convenient and accessible place to live. It’s easy to walk to the supermarket and the shopping mall, and the train station is centrally located. Taking a train to London or Manchester on the weekend is very easy.

My Future

I’d love to go to Europe to work for a lower league football club and work my way up. I know that football is a competitive industry, but hopefully Europe will have some opportunities for me. 

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