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Dew's story

Dew is from Nigeria and in 2019 graduated with First Class Honours in LLB (Hons) Law with Business Management. When Dew applied for her course she met our Nigerian representative who supported Dew on her journey to the UK and Leeds. Dew talks about her experience of being a Leeds Beckett student and how she has enjoyed her time here.

Why I chose Leeds Beckett

I was looking to do a degree in law and management and there were only a few in the UK that offered a course with both these subjects. The application process was very easy. As I only wanted to apply for the LLB (Hons) Law with Business Management, I could apply directly to Leeds Beckett without going through UCAS. 

I also read an article that said a lot of students who graduate from Leeds Beckett end up owning their own business. I’m not sure many universities could boast about that!

I've grown so much  as a person

Being a student ambassador has done so much to help me grow as a person and improve my interpersonal and team working skills – which were really important for my law course.

Dew Uwadia 

LLB (Hons) Law with International Business

Living in Leeds

Leeds is a student-friendly, compact city and less busy than London – and I like that. It’s easy to find your way around and the main shops in the centre are all within walking distance. 

The transport links for students are excellent and you can get on a bus outside Headingley or City Campus. The shopping centres in Leeds are great and there are lots of places to buy food from across the world. 

My course

Doing Law and Business Management gives you the best of both worlds. Although I’ll graduate with an LLB law degree, I’ll have the benefits of a dual degree. The thing is, law is more straightforward, such as ‘This is the law, this is the situation. Apply the law to the situation and get a result.’ But with management, you need to be more creative and problem solve to find solutions. My course helps me to expand my thinking and develop both my practical and innovative skills.

Support during my course

There is so much support available on my course. In my first year, I had a mentor who was a practising solicitor and I worked with them for a few months. The course now has a peer mentoring scheme as well, where students in year three can mentor year one students.

We have academic advisers, course leaders and directors, a dedicated librarian and careers adviser – so there is always someone to help you wherever you turn. And if a member of staff is unable to help you, they will know someone who can. 

I loved the library

The library is the one place I use a lot. There are so many resources and you can book and renew books online. It’s also possible to renew a book for 52 weeks – so you can keep a book for a whole year, which is the greatest thing ever as books can be expensive. Unless someone wants the book and there are none left, the library staff will ask you to bring it back. But that didn’t happen to me, as they had plenty of the books that I needed. 

My future

I’ve gained so many skills from working as a student ambassador and with the Student Union societies, as well as my course. The interpersonal, communication, leadership, research and teamwork skills I've learnt on my course and other activities are all transferable to any career I choose.

I would love to do a masters and then a PhD. Although one thing I’ve learnt is studying in the classroom is very different from being in a work environment. So I'm looking into getting some experience in project management and then coming back to university to do my masters and PhD. 

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