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Nestor's Story

Nestor is from the Philippines and graduated from Leeds Beckett in 2019 with an MSc Psychology (Conversion Award). Before studying his course here, Nestor was an English teacher, but wanted to change his career and pursue his passion for psychology.

Why I chose Leeds Beckett

I chose Leeds Beckett based on the university’s generous offer of a scholarship, and because of how impressed I was with the speedy communication of the Admissions team. Despite the time difference, I would receive quick replies to my emails, which reassured me that I would be taken care of when I started my studies.

My course also offered a BPS accreditation Graduate Basis for Chartership. This was important for me as it gives the option to explore different areas of psychology.

My course

My course has helped me understand what I want to do in the field of psychology. I came to the course with a one-track mind of just wanting to work in a business HR environment, but being able to speak with people who are experienced in psychological practices helped me see more opportunities and ways in which I can help people.

My course is very diverse, with people from different backgrounds offering a variety of perspectives. I enjoy listening to other peoples’ views; it's important to be able to understand other views and understand where they are coming from. I feel like a lot of conflict in the world comes from a lack of understanding. 

My favourite module

I most enjoyed the module on social psychology. There were a lot of opportunities to have debates and discussions about class, race, education, and how this is interlinked with human psychology, such as our personality, individuality, and the meaning of intelligence. I got a lot out of this part of the course.

The support on my course

The education system in the UK is very different from the Philippines, so I needed a bit of an adjustment period. But it really helped that I could ask the teacher anything – and it was clear from the outset that my lecturers had time for me.

My lecturers created a student-centred, collaborative and open learning environment. From computer lab work to taking part in debates, I was encouraged to engage fully with the course and learn about other people’s perspectives. Having open and honest discussions was an important aspect of the course. The lecturers encouraged us to discuss and to be open about social topics and engage with different points of view and set aside your own bias. This experience has really helped me grow as a person.

Living in Leeds

I have friends in London and travel a lot between the two cities -- and I can safely say that I prefer Leeds. People are friendlier and the city is very diverse with people from many different backgrounds. As Leeds is a student city, the people are accustomed to visitors who come to study and live here.

It’s a compact city with excellent public transport, so it’s always easy to get to where you want to be.

Leeds also has a lot to offer historically, like Kirkstall Abbey. It’s fascinating to know what happened to the monasteries after Henry VIII separated from the Catholic Church.

Where I shop in Leeds

Kirkgate Market is where I do all my shopping – it’s convenient and much cheaper than the supermarkets. The market has such a strong sense of community. I now have my regular fishmonger and butcher who recognise me every time I visit; they are so friendly! We always have a good chat, and they care about how I’m doing.

My future

Originally my wish was to become a Clinical Psychologist, but after doing my Applying Psychology module, I was introduced to the role of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, which is more suitable for me emotionally. The role involves low-intensity psychological interventions that help people with stage one and two mental health problems – people who are not clinically depressed, but could use some support in getting their normal functioning and mental health in a better place.

Studying my programme at Leeds Beckett helped me realise my passion. It has opened me up to more opportunities and new ways I can help people struggling with mental health problems.

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